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Sunday, July 24, 2022

Surprise! Surprise!

A pretty crazy day....but a good one (except for the heat and humidity).

After chores I took a shower and headed down to the Farm Market to get a couple things.
There were some big boats parked at the Welcome Center.
After that I drove over to Hanny's to drop off a basket of veggies.  Her gardens were beautiful.

While I was in the village, I stopped at a pharmacy to pick up some free Covid test kits (a nice deal for seniors) and then went to Perry's Pizza and bought a big slice of pizza (get one free with a coupon), which we split for lunch.
Even tho it was hot, I did a little

mowing on the south side of our property.  Will do the rest tomorrow when it should be cooler.
For much of the day we were given possible storm warnings but so far everything has gone around us.
After a short nap I put together a fruit salad that we like to keep in the frig.  It's good anytime during the day and is very refreshing....our go to snack.
Just as I finished that, Gary came into the kitchen and said we have company.  Our neighbor, Al Wunderlich (who was an art professor at the college) when we lived in the village over 40 years ago, stopped by with his wife Pam (she was in the dance department), daughter, Annaliese, son, Jonathan...his wife Mara and their baby, Cole!  Have not seen Al's kids since they were children....they are now all grown up and have families of their own.  This made our day!  Al, Pam, Annaliese and her family all live in California.  Jonathan, Mara and Cole live right here in Rochester.  We will definately seen them again!
Mara could not wait to see the horses.

So nice to reconnect.  And boy, did we have some stories to tell.
They left around 6:30 and I went out to tuck in the ponies.  By that time I was roasting.
So was Little Wonder.
We had cottage cheese and fruit (plates) for dinner.  Perfect.

Night all.



Sandra said...

That was a pleasant surprise for you! If our weather continues to come your way it's going to get cooler. Let's hope.

Dee said...

Dear Lori, wh at a delightful surprise! And . . . the reconnection with the son and his wife and their baby Cole means that the baby will get to see more of the horses and ponies. How lovely.

We, too, have had much heat and humidity. Saturday it was 103 air temperature and 107 heat index.

Today, however, it's 68 right now and we've enjoyed the coolness with an ongoing shower since early this morning. Ah, the relief.

Peace, Dee