Monday, July 4, 2022

Get Ready For A Marathon...

Today I made up for all those days I did not take very many photos.

Started off with morning chores.

Before feeding the ponies, I checked out the back of the indoor where Gary, Scott and Jenny did the major clean up for me.
Beautiful!  Now we can hand mow around the entire barn.
Seamus and Rebel were waiting....

After chores I drove the John Deere out to the back of the indoor to move some leftover cones, dressage letters and some poles.  Going to give them all to one of my friends.
The grass is still brown, but growing in spots.

Gary tied up more of the tomato plants so they will have plenty of support.

I washed a couple of Rebel's masks, took a quick shower....
and we were off to the Morgan Manning House for the traditional 4th of July celebration.
We got there later than usual so I did not get photos of the children's parade, the Community Chorus, or the Community Band.  The first person we saw, was Jenny working at the food tent.  She had arrived at 8 to help set up (she is on the Board of Directors along with several other of her friends, and these "youngsters" are picking up the reins) and ended up serving hot dogs and hamburgers.  She actually was there to help clean up when it was over too.  A long day for her.
 So many friends were there.  Rosie and Heidi were selling the food tickets.

Sue S. (on the far left) has been responsible for revitalizing The Emily Knapp Museum, Heidi is the President of the College, and you have met Rosie several times as she has participated in many of the panel discussions we have done at the college.  All three are extremely active volunteers in our community.

And here is Jacquie!  She is on the Summer Serenades Committee with Gary and was passing out the schedule for this season.
The Hall's were supervising the bake sale....
Annie (the Vice Mayor) and Gary were perusing the situation.
This young man, Chris Martin (Jean Brook's son) is a Judge in the Village of Brockport.  I wonder where he found that suit.
Of course Carina (my favorite Challah bread maker and neighbor) was there with her kids.  You have met them several times too!
The officer (chief) on the right (Mark C.), was my art student when he was a kid!
Rich and Joan F. are (on the left) and Jen R. (Jenny Skoog's bestie since elementary school) were selling popcorn and ice cream.

That guy by the popcorn machine (Aaron M.) used to come to Gary's barn with his brother and a pal to lift weights when they were in High School.
And waving at me is Elaine B.  A very active volunteer who loves sharing my photographs on FB.

We have known Sandy and Bud M. (worked at the college when Gary was there) for decades.

Everywhere I go, Karen C. is a volunteer.  Later today she put some time in at the Welcome Center.
I could not be prouder of these three for stepping up and donating their time and energy to the Morgan Manning Historical Society.  Paul K., Jen A. and our Jenny.
On the left is Jerry N. (he just delivered hay to us a couple weeks ago).  In front is our friend Ruth R., who is Carol B.s sister and was an elementary teacher in Brockport.
Check out this video.  I have never seen a crowd this ginormous on the 4th.
I had a great surprise.  Pam K. was face timing her mom (my good friend Sally H.) who lives in Florida, so she could hear the band playing...and we got to see each other for a few minutes.
Linda and Dennis B. are big fans of good music.  Dennis plays the guitar and sings with the Buskers.  He was the opener for the Farm Market this year.
And my friend, Alicia F., who I have not seen for months.
At noon "Your American Jukebox" was ready to put on a show that I knew was going to be fantastic.  What a great bunch of pros.
This is Mark K.  He is a friend from Brockport and you have seen him playing that sax in many different bands, several at Summer Serenades.
Here are the Ketchums!  Barb (who started Berlin), Greg, who plays the drum with She Sings, and Pam (daughter of my friend Sally) who is Greg's wife.  So many connections!

You can always count on the Edwards being at Morgan Manning events.
Behind Jenny and Gar, you can see the BREAD MAN and his wife, Marina.
Can this woman sing or what????
By that time, Topper was working the popcorn machine and Bernie was enjoying a bag.

Roseanne and Nick were there.  She was just at the Market with us yesterday watching THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED.  Both musicians.
Finn was on the scene to help Jenny with cleanup.
Guess who was working with Topper at the popcorn machine.
When we were getting ready to leave, we had a nice chat with Kathy and Mark K.  Two more great volunteers in our community.
Do you know what a cake walk is?  Kids and adults participated in this event to try and win one of the 16 cakes baked by, you guessed it.....volunteers.   This one was spectacular!
Meanwhile back at the ranch, things were pretty quiet.  Gary took a nap and I attempted to get my photos and videos together.

and then I cleaned out the frig for dinner.
Night all.


Sandra said...

Wow, what a day! It's really wonderful seeing how active your community is. Great music, food and camaraderie, what more could a person ask for.

Nancy J said...

What a grand event, so many people, and so many volunteers, and always the unseen ones behind this. Wonderful to catch up with so many friends, and fantastic setting and music. After all that, I would collapse into bed.