Friday, July 29, 2022

Two New Showers! Yippee!

More sunshine today!  What a beautiful way to start the morning.

While I was out doing chores, 2 Bath Fitter trucks arrived to demolish our old showers and put in new ones.  This is what was under the downstairs shower when everything was removed.

Corey worked downstairs and Ryan was upstairs.  They each dismantled and removed everything on their own....there was a bathtub upstairs and Ryan carried it down by himself!  Ye Ghads!  These guys were in phenomenal shape.
I supervised Little Wonder so he would not attack anyone.
We spent some time in the kitchen trying to stay out of the way.  There was an awful lot of noise going on while they were taking apart the old showers.

I went shopping for a new shower curtain and also bought a runner for the bathroom upstairs.   Will have to show photos when it's all set up.
Could not have been more impressed with the workmanship and the end product and would recommend them in a heartbeat.  Can't use the showers until 2:30 tomorrow...and boy am I dirty tonight.
I motivated myself to make another zucchini/onion pie around 4:30.  As per usual I did not follow the directions and added twice as much onion and threw in some cherry tomatoes.
While it was baking, Janet's horse (Ronin) arrived.  He trailered like a champ and is such a big, beautiful boy.

It took awhile for Rebel and Seamus to realize he was here.

There was the usual screaming.

Seamus was the calm one.

Ronin removed the mask off Seamus while they were both near the gate.

We put them in their stalls a little early, thinking it would allow them to get used to each other.  Janet stayed out with them and in a short time, called to say that The Rebel broke a board in his stall and the latch for his gate came off.  He and Ronin could just about touch noses across the aisle and that just was not going to work.  So I fixed the board and we decided to move Ronin to the huge stall next to Seamus.  That involved removing cob webs, cleaning the feeder and working on the bedding.  Tomorrow we will strip the other stall and move all the bedding so he will feel like he is on a cloud.  Seeing that he will only be here for a few weeks, he will be kept in a separate pasture and run-in.

Gary continued to work on the mulch pile and had an assistant.
The zucchini/onion/cherry tomato pie turned out beautifully.
Jenny had stopped up and I sent her home with a big slice.  We almost ate the whole thing.  1 big piece left for tomorrow.
I am pooped and headed out to check on the ponies.  Hope they are quiet.
Night all.


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Sandra said...

Rebel was showing teeth! Seamus is a confident fellow, no worries for him. You've got to watch Little Wonder :) I can't wait to see the finished product, it's great to have new bathrooms. We did it 4 years ago. Dinner looks good!