The Rebel


Tuesday, July 5, 2022

A Lilly Fest...

Grey most of the day with a teeny rain spritzing.  A nice change.

I could not even count all the Lillies that were blooming today.
The yucca plants are going to pop soon.

After chores I took a short break and then went out to the indoor with a putty knife to scrape all the pigeon $hit off the ledge on the kick boards.  What a mess.  After that I raked the footing and now it looks great.

My afternoon was not very productive, and then started on dinner so it could do it's thing while I was out in the barn.  I had a small package of boneless country ribs which I marinated in BBQ sauce.  Then, I put them in a pie plate with a couple quartered onions, some little peppers and the leftover pineapple.
I put another pie plate on the top and removed it for the last half hour so the sauce would thicken.

Rebel's pony was giving him some heat on the way into the barn.

When I opened the side gate to the indoor, the light was gorgeous.

That was the only sunny part of the day and it was fine with me.
The front paddock is how I imagine it would look in England.  Classic.
Getting back to dinner.  I made a simple salad with romaine, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and scallions. Also put together some homemade ranch dressing, using our dill, parsley and chives.

Seeing that I had the oven on for the ribs, I baked a couple of yams at the same time.  What a yummy combination of flavors.
Night all.



Anonymous said...

You always have some inspiring menu plan for dinner and I appreciate seeing them. This one I will try. Clever using the pie dish. Wish we would get a little more rain than we did. I enjoyed all your photo’s yesterday at Morgan Manning house it’s been many years since I went to it but it was always a nice celebration. . Kathy

Dee said...

Dear Lori, I wonder if your band has ever thought of owning a restaurent/cafe where you could all entertain the patrons and you could--ahead of of time--cook a meal that the patrons would buy for a nominal fee. So your band would provide food and music and you'd do most of the cooking because I tell you that everytime I read the final part of your posting--the food part--my mouth starts to salivate!

Thanks for your wonderful support of Elisa and the comments you leave on my postings on Facebook. Peace.

Lori Skoog said...

Dear Dee! You have some crazy ideas for me. I'm too old to cook, play music and do what I have to do on the farm!I love supporting Elisa! She is one amazing woman and her writing is a gift to all. Glad I found her and you!