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Saturday, July 16, 2022

Two Parts

Part I

The regular part of my day.  Plenty of sunshine.

Here is The Rebel/Seamus suite.  They love being right next to each other.  Both of their stalls are huge and I spoil them as much as possible.

Gary spent more time in the gardens today.
We put together 250 feet of hose and did some watering to perk things up.
The cherry tomatoes are going to be ready soon.
There are just a few shallots....they are so good.

I did a little more weed whacking and then took it easy for the afternoon.  First, I turned on the fan for the ponies and put out a couple hay nets.  It was pretty hot so they were staying in the run-in.

Jenny stopped up to get some flowers and Gary sent her home with a bunch of garlic.
I put the horses in a little early as we needed to be in Brockport around 6.  The light was spectacular.

Fed Little Wonder, took a shower and we were off!

Part II

This is the first time the college president and her husband were able to host an event at their residence since before Covid.   What a beautiful evening, full of delicious appetizers and a tropical dinner.
A steel drum band provided perfect music and added to the atmosphere.
Heidi greeted us and Gary presented her with a bag of garlic.

Of course the food was delicious!!!!

It was so nice to hang out with a hundred members of our community at this perfect event.  Top Shelf as always.  What's special....Heidi (the college president) knows every single one of these people and has volunteered for many activities in Brockport right along with them.  She and her husband (she is going into her 8th year here) have been good neighbors since the day they arrived.
A nice departure from the way we usually spend our evenings!

Night all.

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Nancy J said...

Flowers, table decorations, leis for everyone, music and great company, a perfect end to the day