Thursday, July 14, 2022

Mr. Mustard

Another gorgeous day....around 80 degrees.  After chores I did some hand mowing, mowed the front paddock, mowed the outdoor arena, and raked the indoor.  So gritty afterward and took a quick shower before going to the library for bridge.  The little bit of rain we had has helped a lot.  Gary started mulching the flowers and veggies in the kitchen garden and they certainly have perked up.  As you can see below, the cherry tomato plants near the porch are way over five feet tall.  Little Wonder and I drove Gary down to the Welcome Center at 5:15 (for Summer Serenades) as he likes to be there when the bands are setting case they need something.  I did chores and was down there around 6:30.  We had seen "Mr. Mustard" at the college last year and knew they were going to be a major hit.  There was a big crowd and almost everyone was singing along to a couple dozen Beatle Songs.

Yay!  The onions are ready!

This couple was sitting in front of me and I loved watching them dance.  He is a 90 year old vet and they were so smooth and sweet.  I got to dance with him near the end of the concert.
Here is some music.  You will know every song.  What a great band!!!

Could not ask for more....I took a gazillion videos.
Night all.



Nancy J said...

Wow the music, the instrumentals, and crooners and dancers, what an utterly fabulous event. Hope you are still taking each day slowly, though all that in ONE day sounds like a tad too much. Gary, your garden is stunning. what amazing produce.

Sandra said...

I wish I lived where you are! You and Gary are so busy and the gardens a beautiful.