Sunday, July 31, 2022

Ronin's Third Day

I love being able to leave the windows open.

This morning the ponies were much nicer to each other....especially Rebel(rouser).  He was not trying to boss Ronin around so much.

Ronin gets a lot of grain...way more than Rebel (around 2 cups) and Seamus (a handful of Sentinel Senior and 3 big spoons of beet pulp).  This morning he left quit a bit so Janet brought it out to him.
His breakfast was served.
She is such a good Mom!

As long as Ronin could see Rebel and Seamus, he was happy.

This was his first time in the grooming room and he needed a little time to adjust to the new space without his buddies.

Jenny and Scott stopped up and before leaving they went out the paddock so Scott could meet Ronin.

I was very impressed that Seamus let Jenny take off his mask.  Sometimes he is very sensitive around his head.

Tucked them all in for dinner.  Tonight Janet led Ronin over to the barn and let him go by the aisle to his stall.  He walked right to it.  What a sweet boy.
We had leftover Mac salad and some pickled beets for dinner.  Nothing special.
A very nice day, and I am happy with the progress being made with the horses.
Night all.



Nancy J said...

All's going well with the three amigos.

Sandra said...

They have settled in well. It's a good thing I never had a pony because I think I'd want to bring it in the house!