Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Five Minutes of Rain

The temperature did not go down a lot last night and it was a little muggy when I went out to the barn.

A good morning to have a strawberry/banana smoothie.

Gary spent some time in the gardens filling up five gallon buckets with water while I
attempted to go for my first trike ride.  Not a good idea.  The Highway Department was working on the road and too many big trucks were going by.

A friend stopped up with a garlic question and I sent her home with some dill
and enough rhubarb to make a pie.
For much of the afternoon I watched the January 6th hearing.  More solid information.  I wonder if Trump and his cronies are getting a little worried.  The quotes from the Twitter posts were very frightening.  Something has to happen to all those who were involved, from the President down.
A little before 5 we had some rain.....wish it had lasted for hours, but no such luck.

It was enough to get Rebel and Seamus wet, and that called for a roll in the indoor.

Night all.


Nancy J said...

When I was a child, I had a saying, maybe after a bad dream , " The "Goodies" always win and " The Baddies" always lose. Maybe with this enquiry, that will happen too.

Anonymous said...

As soon as people come to realize this behavior of a former president is unacceptable in adults who know this was wrong, I might have faith this will lead to him being charged and never being able to con America again. I am glad you are doing so well Lori with your new pacemaker. You have so much to do I can’t imagine you ever slowing down, Kathy