Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Out Of Gas

We lucked out again.  Had sunshine all day, but it was not too hot or very muggy.

After chores I went in for some cereal and blueberries and then went back out and started mowing the front paddock and pastures.
They are not quite as brown as they were.

Gorgeous clouds.

I went in the house for lunch and had just a little more to mow.
Ran out of gas in the back of the big pasture and we did not have anymore....
so I left John Deere right where he stopped and got out our other lawn tractor to finish.
Of course the ponies kept me company the entire time.
I decided to use up some of the cucumbers and started on some relish.....double batch.
Had to let the cucumbers, onions and peppers sit for 3 hours (topped with salt) so they would drain.  Finally put it together just before dinner.

We had more tomatoes, onions and peppers today, so I decided to make open face Italian sausage sandwiches.

We ate before chores tonight as Gary was going to hang out with Buster.
For a change, Rebel and Seamus were not waiting for me in the barn.  I had to call them.

My new screen saver.
Night all.

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Sandra said...

We had a brief rain shower, just enough to tease. Everything looks so good!