Sunday, July 10, 2022


I woke up early and went out to do chores around 7 so I could take a shower and get down to the Farm Market where She Sings was playing .  We sang from a little before 10 - noon and started setting up around 8:30.

Did not do much other than laundry when I got home.  Ironically 4 people showed up to tour the farm for an event that was cancelled by the organizer last week.  We had a long chat and it was nice to meet them.
When I went out to do evening chores, Seamus did not want to go in his stall to eat.  He just wanted to
stand next to his horse.

I put a lead on him and when he got in his stall he did not want to eat and layed down.  That was not a good sign. Fortunately he dropped some manure before I took him out for a walk.  
Just before we were going in the indoor he dropped more and that made me feel a little better.  In the meantime, The Rebel was worried about him.
I put his pony back in his stall and he started picking at his hay and eventually went for the beet pulp.  Now, I will be going in and out to make sure he is ok....sweet little guy.
Little Wonder will be making trips to the barn with me tonight.
Night all. 

Part 2
We just went out to check on Seamus.
He finished his beet pulp (carrots and apples)...and ate most of his hay.
His horse was watching out for him.


Nancy J said...

Oh dear, this makes me remember when a friend went down in her ute to the paddock and slept there for two nights, waiting for her mare to foal, the second night. a thud right next to her, and the mare lay down on the grass and had her foal right there. Eating, good on you Seamus, hope your night continues to be trouble free.Lori, take care of yourself too. Hugs & XXX from a cold night ahead in NZ. Further south snow to 300 metres!!!

Sandra said...

I hope Seamus has recovered and is his old self today. Colic is awful.