Friday, July 1, 2022

Horse Power

I could feel the humidity this morning, but there's a good breeze tonight and if we are lucky it should rain before midnight.  I was not very productive today, just cut down some nettles and did morning and evening chores.  At 10am we had a visit with a Bath Fitter rep as we want to replace/update our two showers.  Ironically, he is practically our neighbor!  His presentation was so good we went for it and should be all set by the end of the month.  Can't wait.

I switched the position of the fan so it is aimed toward this cubby where Rebel and Seamus like to hang out when it's hot and buggy.  They have a hay net to keep them busy while they are staying cool.

I am getting on my trike three or four times a day (in our yard) and can't wait until next week when I can get back out for some rides.  Really need to build up my stamina.  My surgery was 5 weeks ago today.

The only good thing about not having rain.....the grass is not growing so quickly in the pastures.  The clover is still doing fine.

Seamus would really like to help me in the feed room before he gets tucked in for the night.

Can you tell that it was really hot and muggy today by the way this dog looks?
He recovers when we head toward the house.
No cooking....took Gary to the Diner for dinner.
Night all.


Nancy J said...

It's a very good day when you take Gary out for dinner.

Sandra said...

We redid bathroom in 2018. You will be happy! Seamus always makes me smile. Wonder always wonders why we are out in the heat. I have been in a mood, we had frozen pizza for dinner.

Terra said...

Your horses have a great place to hang out, you are a good horse mommy to them. Stay cool.