Little Wonder's Gotcha Day

Little Wonder's Gotcha Day
August 20th, 2016


Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I started this post at 7:30 and had nothing but trouble with my computer. Now it is 11:45 and I'm still working on it. Booooo.

Each morning Seymour gets more and more adventurous...he has now taught Sidney how to get out of the picket fence.

When we got out to the barn, Sid climbed up on the fan. Fortunately it was not on.

It was cool, clear and perfect for me (and the ponies).

You can count on Gucci getting muddy and wet...if it's out there, she's in it.

The barn provides quit a playground for the kitties. Seymour loves to sit in Berlin's window.

At least it stopped raining...our lawn was getting pretty long and I was not able to mow it until today.

Class started at 10:30. Phoebe and Gucci joined us out in the Workshop.
I can't tell you how great it is to hold my class in this space. The natural light is perfect and there is a very mellow feel.
Tina and Donna were the only two students attending today.

Above, is the colored pencil butterfly that Donna completed today. She will be having cards printed from this drawing.

Below, is Tina's pastel drawing of Bright and DJ. She's almost finished.

Jenny brought up Finn and Coop to groom PC, but first they stopped in the barn to see how Seymour and Sid were doing.

PC loves the attention, and at 31 he deserves it. In spite of his blown up knee, he is full of spirit.
I'm amazed at the way he gets around.

Doesn't he look like a happy boy? I never thought he would make it through last year. He was our first horse and we got him at 20 months old.

When they finished grooming, PC went back out to the pasture with the rest of the herd and the boys went to check out the Workshop.

Grampa is going to get a couple of cots and they are going to camp out there.
We finally got the lawn we have to get some of the weeds down in several places.

Dinner was delish. A big salad with chicken, grapes, blueberries, peaches, onions and poppy seed dressing.

Barb did chores tonight and I went out to take some pictures. The sun was really throwing out some rays.
We are surrounded by over 100 acres of is so tall we can't see our neighbors.

The sunset was magnificent!
Night all.


MWebster said...

Your photos make me smile - especially the one of Gucci and mud *lol* Dogs have such a special talent for finding trouble.

I really enjoyed looking at the pictures of your students' artwork. Very nice.

And that dinner does sound yummy.

Louise said...

Yesterday was a banner day, for sure. Looks like you got every bit of enjoyment out of it.

Is Sidney growing? He looks a bit bigger in the pictures today.

Unknown said...

Lovely dramatic sunset, Lori.

Xtreme English said...

while riding home on the bus tonight, I noticed the clouds--very similar to what you have here in your photos but riding over a cityscape with telephone and light poles, wires crisscrossing everything, shabby shops and houses, and cars & trucks everywhere. Still, I smiled all the way thinking of your and Esther's clouds and the landscape they crown...
thanks! Great post, but aren't they all??

Xtreme English said...

P.S. Donna's butterfly looks to be a skipper. Love their big eyes and sprightly setup!!

Terry said...

Congratulations on getting PC to age 31. That's my biggest horsey goal - giving our horses a long and happy life. You've clearly achieved that.

Ken Mac said...

the critters, and you, have it made!

Gayle said...

The studio turned out really nice. What fun for the boys to camp with grandpa out there. The yard is looking great. My stuff is beginning to die. Some plants can't take 40 degrees at night.