Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Gorgeous sunrise....
Chores as usual.

I have a question. Is anyone else having difficulty posting photographs? It has taken me hours to do this tonight (last night too). I just don't have the energy to stay up any later to put on more pictures.
Class this morning. Nice to have Sandy back...Tina is about finished with her drawing...Donna, Sandy and Jean have started new projects. I will post their work when it is not so difficult...sorry computer has been driving me CRAZY!

My dirty pups were sacked out.
By 12:20 I was on my way out to the be continued below.

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Terry said...

Love the header photo! So serene - makes me want to be right there.
I have trouble getting the photos where I want them in my post. They don't go where I put them, then I have trouble moving them. Grrr.