Sunday, August 29, 2010


With Barb's help I flew through chores this morning. A cool one with heat coming on as the day passed.
Sid was playing with his pink stretches and he pulled it all over the place.

Around 10:15 we headed down to the Farm Market before going out to the Giese's for brunch.
There was a huge boat docked right near the vendors.

We bought peaches, plums and homemade donuts.
This gentleman was entertaining us with his guitar. I was told that he does not get paid, they give him produce. Sweet. (By the way, he was very good and his style was perfect for the setting).

We arrived in Kendell a little after 11 and were all hungry... so brunch was served.


Eggs with all kinds of goodies

and bagels.

Maryellen and Jay have a very beautiful property.

This is one of three cats who decided to live there. A beauty and very friendly.

There are many places to relax... Before dessert we took a little walk.

Flower and vegetable gardens....

Then we had dessert. Yogurt with peaches, blueberries and granola (I thought it would go with the brunch idea).

I have shown you this house before. It is a cobblestone and the interior is extremely comfortable. The downstairs bathroom has two of these sinks in it. Unique.
Below is their family room. Jay has done much of the work himself and it is loaded with character.

They have two yellow labs...this one is Coda.

The other is Samson.
Perfect weather for eating outside under the spreading horse chestnut tree.

From there we stopped in at Topper and Carol's. I have taken you here several times...Helen (from Scotland) and I had lunch out there when she was visiting.

Topper was reading under a big umbrella on a deck near the lake. Ideal.
Carol was down the beach...

The setting is positively glorious... I would feel like I was on vacation every day.
I grew up on Chautauqua Lake and would be in absolute heaven if I could have about 5 acres on the water. Horses and a sailboat would be a perfect combination.

As we were leaving, Carol's sister Sue and family drove up in their can't tell from this photo, but it reminded me of one of those "cigar" boats that used to be in Miami Vice. Big and fast.

We always enjoy spending time with these two people!

Jen and the boys were here when we got home.
They let the dogs out for us and then went out to the barn to play with Seymour and Sidney.

Did evening chores and brought the kitties in via wheelbarrow taxi.
When I went out to take off the horse's masks it was still buggy, so they all came in from the pasture to hang out in the barn.

The sun was going down.
It's early(ish). And I am done!
Night all.


Terry said...

The flowers are gorgeous.

Louise said...

Sundays seem to be special in your world. I like all of your blogs, but your Sunday blogs seem to have a certain glow of peace about them. Thank you for letting us enjoy your beautiful day with you.

Gayle said...

What a great trade for playing music. Good deal for the produce people as well.

That beach looks so inviting. I would never get anything done if that was out my front yard!