Little Wonder's Gotcha Day

Little Wonder's Gotcha Day
August 20th, 2016


Thursday, August 19, 2010


The morning started off sort of cool....
creating mist in the back fields.
While I cleaned stalls Seymour and Sidney got up on a shelf near the ceiling in the feed room (how I don't know). There is a ledge up there the width of a cement block.

The blue thing is the plastic sled I use all winter to drag hay out to the paddock.
Of course Phoebe and Gucci were out there too.

Put the horses out on the pasture and finished cleaning stalls.
It started to heat up.
I checked in on the kitties when I went out to drag the outdoor arena. Got them a new toy when I was out doing errands.
Gary had an appointment and went directly over to a dinner meeting for the Museum Board he is part of. I did evening chores.
The sky was getting dark.
I took a shower, made a salad with mango, green grapes, blueberries and bananas ( to be served with poppy seed dressing) and headed over to join him. We met at the home of the Fallons and had a steak roast fit for a king.

It was pot luck. Amazing variety and presentation. Delish.
I was looking forward to doing a photoshoot of this fabulous property, but it started raining buckets....thunder...lightning! Yikes! What was it doing at the farm...the horses were outside with their masks on.

So, I made a quick exit and snapped a few pictures from the car. A slice of heaven that would make any child happy.

The entire property was amazing, inside and out. Jim has over 500!!!! hostas and they are gigantic.
Of course the rain came to a screeching halt on the way home...the sky was dramatic so I pulled off the road to take a couple of shots.

When I got home, went out to take the horses masks off. They went into the indoor where I got some shots in the dark.

Barb stopped in to give King Mustafa some hugs. He was being very coy.
The moon was was getting dark.
Night all.


Gayle said...

The home you visited is amazing. I hope you get a chance to go back before winter and take more photos. I am intrigued by the gardens.

Louise said...

Oh, that dinner looks fantastic. You and your friends are just the best cooks. Makes me hungry just to look at the pictures.

Susan Ellis said...

Those salads look absolutely delicious! Every one of them makes my mouth water! If you lived nearer, I'd be coming over to help taste test!