Sunday, August 1, 2010


Morning chores as usual...Barb was out there before me AGAIN. This was a very beautiful day.
It was cool enough for us to wait until after chores to put the horse's masks on.
We could still see the moon.
I mowed the grass in the paddocks and around the outdoor ring, then I got out my trusty drag and fluffed things up.
Seymour and Sidney were in the grooming room for a couple of hours and seemed to really like it. I let them run loose before we went in the house.

We have one of those little storage things with four shelves on wheels...we keep our gloves, hats and mittens on it. The kittens would crawl on top of them to sleep... so I removed all the stuff and lined them with place mats so they would fit.
Gucci and Phoebe are still a little bent out of shape...but this morning I caught Seymour sleeping right up against Gucci.
Went down to the market around 11:30. Can you see that gorgeous boat on the canal? What a setting.
From there I drove over to the college to check out the Arts Festival. Parked near the Fine Arts building and still had to walk quite a distance. Not too fun with my knee bugging me.

I passed this house, which is the home to the President of the College. It's such a distinctive place.
Of course I wanted to do a little photoshoot.
There were tons of vendors and two stages where bands played all day long.
There were about 100 tents set up with all kinds of things for sale.
Like these hats! I wish I had gotten one.

There was a huge sanctioned BBQ contest going on with contestants from all over the country.
This bird belonged to one of them and was eating a sparerib.
It was hard for me to decide where to get something for lunch.

I ended up with a pulled pork sandwich and some mac salad from Alex's (Batavia, NY) and it was outstanding.
Saw a few people that looked Sal and Barb.
58 Main was represented...
And this dude...I just liked his hat.

What did I think of this new venue (as opposed to holding it on Main Street)? I vote that they move all the tents down to Commissary Park where there is grass and shade trees. The parking lots were VERY HOT for all the vendors as well as the visitors. Parking is too far away from the venue. Have the shuttles drop people off where everything is set up...not blocks away. Leave Holley Street open...just for the shuttles. The bands and the BBQ contest added a lot to the overall picture...but I have no sense as to the volume of people compared to when it was held in the Village.
The kitties just could not get enough of these shelves.

Finn and Coop wanted to pay them a visit, and brought this wrestling thing with some action figures. Seymour got right in it.

When we went outside to the porch, Seymour got out of the fence. Fortunately he did not go anywhere...scary.

The boys pooped them out and they went back in for a nap. This time they each had their own quarters.

They all went out again before I did chores and this time, stayed where they belonged.
The late afternoon sky was pretty dramatic.
Did chores and had a light dinner. Made chicken salad out of leftover grilled chicken...even added the grilled onions. What flavor.

Over and out....
Night all.'s August!


Louise said...

Looks like you had a good time, in spite of the heat, the pavement and the walk. Maybe you should suggest the move, however. It would certainly add to the enjoyment, though the grass would probably take a beating.

Gayle said...

You definitely should submit your suggestions. A hot parking lot must have been miserable.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Love the kittens in the shelves. Leave it to them to find the perfect napping place. They are so adorable. Great pictures of everything. Looks like a fun day.

sandy said...

Sounds like a wonderful day. Enjoyed all the pics. That sandwich looks good.

Terry said...

The kitties in the dish racks are just too cute, and the art festival/bbq feast looked like a ton of fun. Yes, it would be fun to have one of those wacky hats!

Thanks for saying that Boomer looks well maintained. I'm feeling sad and guilty that I can't groom my horses, so that comment meant a lot to me.