Tuesday, August 17, 2010


When I woke up this morning at 6am, the sky was pink.

Phoebe was sleeping in the kittie's crate.

As the sun got higher, the color switched to yellow.
My 4 companions joined me in the barn and I started on chores. It was cool enough for me to start off with a sweatshirt.

I caught this butterfly just before I went back into the house. Seymour and Sidney stayed out in the barn.

I hauled a few more things out to the Workshop and was ready for class at 10:30.
Tina brought along a collage/frame that was created by Kim Martilotta out at Marti's on Main (gallery in Medina). A beautiful tribute to Sunshine.

Jean was able to make it today.
She and Tina had the whole place to themselves. I'll be happy when the rest of my students can get back in the class groove.
Bright and DJ are really starting to shape up!
and Jean will probably be finished with her mixed media project by next week.

Tina went out to the barn to get her kitten fix before she left.

I ripped out a ton of daylilies this afternoon, in an attempt to find the stone wall out near the paddock. Eventually ran out of gas.

Barb did chores tonight and I made dinner. Leftover chicken, a pasta salad, zucchini parm and sliced tomatoes. No exciting pictures. I did, however, take a shot of our fresh peaches and cream. Simple and delicious.

Before I hit the couch, I just had to take a few more shots.

For me, this was a relatively quiet day. I fell asleep on the couch for 2 hours! Now, Seymour has disappeared and he better get back here soon! It's 10pm and I am not too excited that he decided to go exploring. He and Sid came in the house around 3:30 to get in some playtime with the pups. Where is he?

Night all.


Anonymous said...

Love the early morning sky pictures - thanks! The new studio workshop looks just wonderful - what a great space to work in.

Gayle said...

I can't imagine ripping out flowers. I work so hard to grow them...nothing grows on its own here except weeds!

I hope your kitty is safe.

Unknown said...

Hi Lori. The butterfly you snapped is, I think a swallowtail (Papilio Machaon), and is fairly rare over here, although I do remember seeing them in the Norfolk Fens as a boy. We sometimes see them in Sweden when visiting Ruth.

Louise said...

Oh, let us know when Seymour show up. The little stinker for scaring you so. I hope I'm reading right that he is missing in the house.

Yesterday was a beautiful day. I spent most of it outside, and slept very well last night.

Terry said...

I hope Seymour made it home before curfew, and didn't worry you too much.
The studio looks so inviting. What a great job you and Gary did.
I'm sure all the critters are enjoying sweatshirt weather.

Grey Horse Matters said...

The sky pictures are gorgeous. Everything looks great at your place. Hope Seymour made it home safely.

sandy said...

I love that workshop studio, and would love to sketch it if that is okay if I use your photo!! And I love the art work the women are doing. Great job.

I loved this post!