Sunday, August 22, 2010


In the middle of the night it started pouring and it was still coming down when I went out to do chores. Had to put the horses hay under the shed roof.

Barb and Gar helped me.

Got in the house before 9 and took a nice hot shower, before going down to the village with Gary.
The first order of business was to meet Margay and Ulpi next to an empty building on Market Street.
There is interest in converting this weed bed into a garden.
First tho, we need more information from the village and DPW.
Afterward, we went over to Java for coffee/breakfast. Jenny was there meeting with Amy Hope, a candidate for the State Senate.

From there, we went over to the Farm Market to pick up a few these gigantic peaches.
Even tho it was still raining, many people braved the weather and supported the effort these vendors put in to set this up for us.
Our next door neighbor's Mom and Step Dad were there. We invited them to the farm as we wanted to give them some eggplant and onions.

While we were at Java, we spoke to Kathy W. and her husband Stewart, who own the new gallery in town.
They are remodeling the front of the building...and will be having their first big opening on August 27th. The Arena Art Group....Cutting Edge Art by Rochester Area Artists.
Notice the detail that is going into the windows. I am very impressed!

Went back to the farm for a short period of time. Gary had Welcome Center duty from 2-6 today, and I went to catch a few shots at Finn's birthday party.
Coop was giving me his look....
Jen had some things on her counter that asked to be photographed.

Her dogs were a little overwhelmed by the activity and were hiding out on the stair landing.
Above is Ice and below is Buster.

Due to the rain, the party had to be held in their downstairs family room.
Clever Jenny got this motorcycle/rider and plopped it on the cake. Pretty cool.
Finn and his pals were having an outrageous in lots of activity and high volume.

Happy Birthday Finn!

I fixed a plate for Gary and dropped it off at the Welcome Center.
There was a very sweet boat docked out front.

I've been thinking about finding a love seat for the Workshop and remembered that we had this big piece of very dense foam. My friend Nancy had it in her house for years and they used it when they needed an extra bed. Voila! Solved the problem and it did not cost me a dime. It's low, but very comfortable. Sackocity! Nap time is coming up.
Barb did chores and I continued to take it easy.

Night all.


Gayle said...

It seems in the 2(?) years that I've been reading about your family that Jenny, with all her knowledge of politics, her opinions and her grace, she should enter into the field of a Senate race herself rather than devote so much energy to promoting another person. She's smart, beautiful and I bet she could do it!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Rained buckets here too. Love the look of those peaches. Your workshop looks like the perfect place for a nap after your busy day.

Nea said...

It rained here too, we had the biggest storm of the year so far with lightening and thunder keeping us awake half the night, I loved it.

Maery Rose said...

Busy as usual I see.