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Monday, August 16, 2010


Today Finn is 7 years old! I hope it is a very special day...party coming up soon!

How he can make a basket with the rim so high (in the horse's front paddock) I will never know.
He has been around the horses as long as I can remember and is very comfortable being with them.

We do a lot of dancing at Skoog Farm.

And a lot of swimming at Tina's pool...how lucky is that?

He had a great year with T Ball and has now started flag football. What a difference a year makes.
He loves sports, animals, music...is an outrageous dancer! and reader! loves to swim and eats yogurt and granola (a boy after his Gramp'a heart). Seymour and Sidney get frequent visits and Finn also helps his Mom groom Masterpiece every week. What more could a Nanna and Grampa ask for?

Seven years old......


  1. Happy Birthday Finn;) what a blessing he is to all.

  2. We wish him very many HAPPY returns of the day.
    Warm regards, Mike and Ann.


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