Little Wonder's Gotcha Day

Little Wonder's Gotcha Day
August 20th, 2016


Thursday, August 26, 2010


It's so late it's tomorrow, so I have to call this post yesterday. Busy trying to get Once Imagined up on a computer that has been giving me nothing but trouble for 3 weeks.

Another beautiful morning. Did chores...blah, blah blah.All of my pals were out in the barn with me.
Coolish, so I didn't put masks on until I was finished with stalls.

One of these days I am going to trim all the weeds along the fence line. That should take a couple of days.

Went out to the Workshop and hung up a banner I made a few years ago when I started a project called Art Walks On Water. An attempt to get a piece of art at all the ports along the New York State Canal System (524 miles).

I put all kinds of photographs, art prints and postcards under the plexiglass that covers my art table.

Above are all of my students who participated in an exhibition at the library a few years ago.

Slowly but surely I am filling up the space out there.
Ran a couple of errands and hurried home to wait for a technician to come out and fix my computer. He recommended a router. I went and got it and it didn't work anyway. I think I need to get a new network card installed in my computer. It really put me behind. I'm functioning on my neighbors wireless connection.

When he left I drove over to Apple Creek Farm to mow the lawn.
I love driving down canal road on the way.
Look at how big the apples are getting.
Home at 5:30...raced through chores.
Went to the opening posted below.

It's after 1am! I need some rest.
Night all.


B : ) said...

when I come to live with you, you can take me to that new store - gorgeous. The pet beds in the luggage are a wonderful idea - I cut an article out of a magazine years ago about that, only they had feet - square blocks or bun feet or whatever you like, and weren't filled up so luxouriously (sp?). The article also had a way to save old chairs - cut a whole in the seat and put in a dog dish! Anyway - what's wrong with the computer? I ask because i have been through three routers and found during the process that none of them were the problem, it was just some obscure setting I didn't know about. If you have the same problem I did - I know how to fix it : )

Terry said...

Ooo, I love the art under plexiglass on the table. What a good idea.

Anonymous said...

The opening looks like it attracted lots of people. Hope you get your computer problems sorted out quickly.

Horses Are Our Lives said...

You were busy! I just looked at the Once Imagined post, and it is a lovely store! Wished I live closer, as I would be there all the time! I love your very first horse photo in this post. That is one creative table! Do you teach art/photography? thanks for visiting today - had some news from my Dr visit, so yes, it's very good to know what is happening so things don't get worse!

Louise said...

You certainly had a busy day! I'm so impressed by what you show of Brockport. This new store will only add to the draw that the village has.