Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Wake up you little rascals! It's time to go to the barn.
You'll only have to be in the carrier for a few minutes...I'll let you out in the feed room.
The horses have had their grain, now I'll fill up the hay nets.
King Mustafa always gets finished first and heads out to the "hay bag."
Cleaned the stalls, put in fresh water, swept the mats and aisle, prepared hay cubes and beet pulp for tonight (have to take them in the house so the water can be put in later), raked the run in.....
Put Seymour and Sidney back in their taxi...and went back to the house.

Phoebe and Gucci supervised .

Gary not only finished priming the Studio Barn, he got a coat of paint on the North wall. It is lookin' good! I've decided it would be fun to have a little opening/pot luck with live keyboard music. Won't be long now.
Around 2 I left for Apple Creek Farm...lawn mowing day. On the way, I noticed there were an awful lot of boats docked at the Welcome Center.

The apples in the orchard are really shaping up .
The clouds were gorgeous, but boy was it hot.

On my way back to the farm I took another picture of the mural being painted on the front of the Lift Bridge Book store. They are doing a great job with it.
Evening chores as usual....

A simple supper...veggie burgers with fried onions and swiss cheese, a green salad and lots of leftover cantaloupe and green grapes. My camera ran out of gas.

It started to cool off a bit by 8pm.
Have to go out and put the horses in.

Night all.


Ken Mac said...

huey lewis! I actually used to play drums in a band that played this song every weekend down in Charlotte, NC. A blast! Like that kitty cats. Thanks Lori. Geesh that song is great. What album is that from?

Miriam said...

Just popped by to thank you for your visit to Mucky Boots. What a thriving farm you have - I can just imagine how busy it must keep you! (And I think "Mademoiselle Gucci Poochie" is the best name for a dog I have ever heard...)

Ken Mac said...

you should look for the original, an old R&B song from the early 60s

allhorsestuff said...

Nice day...loved the Canadian Thistle...they are so pretty around here now too....but mare can spot them on the trail and does evasive moves! I want to try for a shot tomorrow.
Good night...and now...good morning!

Terry said...

I always enjoy a day at Skoog Farm. The Studio Barn is looking fabulous.
Have fun at Walnut Hill.

Louise said...

There's a lot to be said for an ordinary day. Gives us time to recharge our batteries. That first picture of Seymour and Sidney cuddled together was priceless.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I know I don't comment all the time since I started following you, but I did want to tell you yet again how much I enjoy your blog! I admire all you get done and all the life and beauty you have around you!!!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Beautiful sky pictures. Looks like you had a nice day. It was hot, hope it cools off soon. Everyone looks very content.