Monday, August 9, 2010


This is what my feed room looks like. When I open the door to the barn, the first thing I do is let the kitties out of their carrier...then I pick the run in while King Mustafa wanders out to the front paddock. Next, I set up the feed. They all get something different.

Seymour AND Sidney were getting pretty brave today
At one point I could not find Sid and he finally came out of the run in that is in the other barn. He felt safe underneath the wheel barrow.

Seymour, on the other hand, kept returning to the feed room.
I turned the horses out on the freshly mown back pasture and went back to the house.
All four critters wanted to go out in the back yard.
Sid is the tiniest kitten I have ever met. When is he going to start growing?

Needed a few things at Wegmans...The gardens there are still in bloom.
Gary spent most of the day in the Studio Barn. He finished putting molding around the top of the walls and started priming the wood trim. By tomorrow the drywall compound will be dry and he can start priming the walls.

This is going to be some sweet place when it is finally finished.
Sid figured out how to get up to the window sill...
and stayed there for quite awhile.
A little after 4 it started to pour...thunder, lightning and the whole drill. All the horses (even Pony) were under the shed roof.

I went out to do chores around 5 and they have been in ever since.

Had a 7pm meeting in Spencerport for the World Canal Conference being held in Rochester.
Brockport and Spencerport will be on the tours one of the days, and we were trying to finalize our plans.
Seeing that I was not too far from Glen Darach Farm, I drove out and dropped off Andrea's 5 books. By then the rain had stopped and the sun was setting.
So much for today...I'm going out to check on the horses.

Night all.


Gayle said...

I don't think I've said it, but I love the name choices you made for the cats. Sounds really good together. I do think that kitten has some of the most petite features I've ever seen.

I noticed you mentioned your post #. That would make 3 posts a day since you started. I'm wondering if you have a lot of "drafts" in your post count because I don't think you post 3 a you? I'm only on 779 and I started June of '07 although that was only five posts. I got more serious in April of '08. Anyhow, I'm a numbers kind of gal so that's what made me notice. I've been looking forward to breaking 1000, but that has to be over a year off. (I went back into my edit post mode and deleted all my partial unposted drafts).

Hey, I "rescued" some chickens. I'll take photos tomorrow.

Gayle said...

I just randomly flipped back to a previous post....Dec. 31, 2008...and your title was addressed to me. Can you believe we've been reading about each others lives for so long? We are on complete opposites of the spectrum of life yet I find your life very interesting (and just have to see what is up in your day). I'm glad blogging led me to your world and you to mine.

rebecca said...

A full day as always Lori. Love your kitties. =) Hope all is well with you friend. btw, I love, love, love the header pic of your horse. "talk" to you soon, ((hugs)) Rebecca

Anonymous said...

The studio barn looks lovely - what a nice place to work!

The tiny kitty will grow - we have one that was positively teeny, but now is a big 20-pounder!

Louise said...

Sidney is tiny. How old is he now. Some cats are just little. My Becky and Rachael are both very small, and Rachael would be even smaller if she didn't gain weight by looking at food.

I had steak and onions for supper last night. Yummmm, those onions were delicious. I'll have to figure out something creative to do with the rest of them.

diane b said...

Love that studio.

thecrazysheeplady said...

I love all the flowers around your studio. Gorgeous! I can't wait to see it completed :-D.