Friday, August 27, 2010


Woke up to a crisp and sunny morning.

The first thing I did, was to let Seymour, Sidney, Gucci and Phoebe out in the back yard. They screamed to be photographed.

Of course the girls aren't happy unless they are wrestling.
Today I let the kitties out further back from the paddock to see if they would follow me to the barn. Seymour headed for the garden and Sid ran to the barn.

Chores as usual...

Picked some veggies to take over to the Talley's tonight. They invited us for dinner.

Mowed the big pasture and then Gar and I met Jen, Cooper and Finn down at the Golden Eagle for lunch. They were taking me out for my birthday.

Home in time to take Sid and Seymour to the Brockport Animal Hospital for their booster shots. They were very well behaved for Dr. Edwards, who is (according to me) the best small animal vet I've ever met. He really cares and has great rapport with all of our animals.

As soon as we got home, they went out in the back yard and assumed the usual positions of Phoebe and Gucci.

Gary had Welcome Center duty, and at 6 I met him at the art opening which is posted below.

A little after 6:30 we arrived at the Talley's for dinner. The biggest impatiens plant I have ever seen was on their front porch.

They have been getting their condo together since June and it is positively gorgeous.
The grand piano is really something, and I asked Tom to play a piece for me. Someday I am going to take my music and go down there to try it out.
Deb was busy getting drinks...
Is this not like a page out of Architectural Digest? Talk about good taste. You may remember Deb from some of my class photos. She is an artist and a fine writer.
Their dog Molly has had to make quite an adjustment leaving a country setting, but seems to like going on walks in the neighborhood.
Our conversation took us in many directions.

The Stettners were also there for dinner. They own Salmon Creek Nursery and do many interesting things over there in addition to selling plants and trees. For example, they have a chili contest coming up and I just may have to enter. I won one before at another place and just may have to give this a whirl.
Deb said this was a perfect August dinner....and it was. I did not get a good shot of dessert, which was peach pie.
Tonight it may go down into the high 40s! Good sleeping weather.

Night all.


Jo said...

Hi Lori;) Your kitties are beautiful. Is it your birthday today? Do tell. I love Tom and Deb's home: gorgeous. Thanks for sharing all this with us. Have a wonderful weekend. (((Hugs))) Jo

Anonymous said...

Your friends do have a beautiful house. How nice to be able to spend time with such interesting folks.

sandy said...

Coming by quick and will be back to go through more slowly. I love it when you take photos of others' interiors and your own. Love the kitties too.