Sunday, August 8, 2010


When I walked out of the bedroom this morning (6:10am) the sun was already shining on our old piano. There is something about good light that I can't resist.

Got my act together and actually made it out to the barn before Barb got here. Seymour and Sid were in their carrier, in the wheelbarrow...along with 4 dressage pads, the beet pulp and hay cubes. I can tell that the kitties love being out there. Both of them tried out the bed in the crate condo.

The temperature went up as we were doing chores, but still...a no sweat morning.
Barb was brushing out all the water buckets. Above and beyond...every single day.

She had scrubbed out the water trough last night so all I had to do was fill it this morning. How did I ever get so lucky?

Put the troops back in the house and got ready to go down to the Farm Market.

There was my next door neighbor selling baked goods. I had no idea! Some friends bought a raspberry peach pie and I got a loaf of bread. AND I JUST DELETED THE DAMN PHOTO!

Walked back over to Main Street and passed the backs of the buildings. They are so interesting!

Richard Kron and his brother have started painting a mural of the Erie Canal on the front of the Lift Bridge Book Store! It is going to be gorgeous.
I have not mentioned Mural Mania in ages...Murals have been popping up all along the Erie Canal as we continue to work on an art trail.

This pup was hanging out in front of Java. Love hounds.

This hog was also hanging out in front of Java.


Here's a shot of Fast Buck Fanny's...another great shop in our village.

The now famous hanging baskets are doing very well, thanks to a crew of people who water them every single day (as our village won't do it).

Got home and started mowing the lawn. Passed by this beautiful plant given to us by Madonna.
I don't know the real name, but we call it turtle heads.
It has multiplied like crazy.
Parked the lawn tractor and went into the house for lunch.
Seymour and Sid ate theirs too.
Gary had duty at the Welcome Center, so I went back out and mowed three pastures.

Today I bought peaches at the market.
Along with fresh fried cakes and corn on the cob.

Dragged the kitties back out to the barn and did chores. Very relaxing tonight.

Dinner was like a picnic. A salad of tomatoes, onions and croutons.
Zwiegle red and white hots...
Leftover BBQued green beans...
and the corn. The ears were so huge we had to break them in half to get them to fit in the pot. The best we have had this year.

Where's our dinner Mom?

A pleasant evening...we are supposed to have 5 days in a row with high temperatures and lots of humidity...starting tomorrow. I can't wait.

I'm going to go have a peach.

Night all.


Terry said...

Just another lovely day at Skoog Farm. Nice!

allhorsestuff said...

Oh man was I crackin' up. ..As I arrived..because of your hilarious comment-"showing off"..haha!
So then I get here, and wowsa...who is showing off!? Love your header+ YOUR totally creative post!
Your day was so lovely..all captured in the best light. Your piano /Barb, tending the buckets between You had a beautifully productive day. Those turtleheads...really love that spot.
Rest well, dear...see ya soon~
;-) KK

Anonymous said...

Which picture should I gush over first? All of them are wonderful. Your town is just beautiful, but isn't it funny that a town would plant hanging baskets and then NOT water them?
Also, the corn on the cob!!!!! We don't get sweet corn here, it's all feed corn. Boo Hoo!
Have a lovely week.

Louise said...

And, here I thought from the title that I was going to see a picture of a lovely big bowl of green beans, just waiting to be snapped.

I love the idea of murals in our lovely small towns. They add eye interest, and can tell you so much about the history and character of the town.

MWebster said...

Loved the photos and how the narrative was broken up between them. Felt relaxed just from meandering through your day on the blog!

sandy said...

You have the best daily posts. I go through the quickly to see everything you did and then come back later and go through them more slowly. I am so glad you share your daily life there on the farm with us.