Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Today was going to be a hot one. By the time the horses went out and I finished was a fan day.
I had loaded Seymour and Sidney in their crate and pushed them out to the grooming room in the wheelbarrow so they could continue to get used to being in a barn (for a couple of hours). We have never had kittens before...I just rescued adult cats. They are too young to be out in the barn loose 24/7 and I need to know they will stick around. They certainly behave when they are in the house and do well in the back yard with the dogs. This morning Sid was sleeping next to Gucci and I could not get my camera before they moved. As soon as we all got back in the house they headed out the back door.
By 10:15 the horses were back in from the pasture for a shade break. They are either in the run in or the indoor.

Tina was my only student today. We worked on her pastel drawing of Bright and DJ and had some serious discussions about the current political scene. She is so informed!

The pups took an afternoon siesta....

Finn and Coop wanted to come up and visit the kitties....
who spent part of the time in their "bunk beds."

Finn sat with them for a long time while Coop chose to play with his cars.

A little snack....or two.

And then we were off to Tina's pool. Cooper and Jenny groomed PC before we left.

The water temperature was 86! Very easy to get wet.

Even Grampa came along.
Finn starts flag football next week and was getting in some practice.

Who could catch the football while jumping off the board? See the video below.

We were all very refreshed by the time we left...around 5:15.

Seymour and Sid were in their usual spot when we got home.

Fed all the critters and we were off to Holley to grab a bite at Sam's Diner. Barb had horse duty.
The local garden club has done a great job on the Square.
When we left, checked out the docking area on the Canal. What a beautiful setting.
Stopped at Wegmans on the way home to pick up some goodies for lunch tomorrow. I have invited one of my followers, Louise, for lunch. She lives pretty near here, and will be taking home as many day lillies as we can stuff in her car.

When we left the store, the sun was setting....the temperature was much more bearable and we were on our way back to the farm.

Night all.

A wet one!


allhorsestuff said...

OH there huh! Yea, so nice to get wet in the pool...refreshing indeed. I used to be a water baby...never could get me out, not till my fingers pruned up!
I LOVE your are making me want to find a kitty again..we are talking and though we'd like a Scottish Fold...there are so many to rescue! Of course we'd do that.

Cute how your two always sleep in the same place...ours would change and make "new" favorite places often.

Gayle said...

That pool is like bath water! How comfortable it must be. Wish we had had that kind of heat this summer. We just had out last couple of days of heat and now the rains are coming. We may get an indian summer, but it isn't enough for things to grow or to swim, just enough to delay snow. I read today that we are going to have one of the harshest winters ever after our mild one last year. Not looking forward to that. The kitties are so cute. Fun to watch your write about them.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Your kittens are darling. I thought it had cooled off there??? What a long summer. A long, hard summer.