Sunday, August 15, 2010


Yesterday I had no energy to post pictures other than Walnut Hill. It was a gorgeous morning.

One of those days when the sun was shining into the kitchen.

Seymour is getting a little more adventurous and knows how to get out of the fence. I just have to trust that he knows where he lives...
He and Sidney are loving their time in the barn.
No problem going in and out of stalls.
The big guy even figured out how to drink out of the small water trough.
Last night Jenny was home by herself, so the three of us went out to the Carlton for dinner. Fine with me as I was in no mood to cook. Fortunately it was Barb's night to do chores.

This morning started out just fine...but it was nasty muggy as the day went on.

Barb helped me with chores...I mulched the front paddock and did some mowing.
Gar and I did a little more to the Studio Barn which is going to be called THE SKOOG FARM WORKSHOP. That is what my class has been called since it started almost 9 years ago, and we are going to go with it. He had duty at the Welcome Center and I went out to buy Finn a birthday present and did some grocery shopping at Wegmans.

As it was late, I picked up a chicken and some off easy for dinner and it tasted great.

After we ate I went out to do evening chores. Just too muggy for me.

Sid and Seymour stayed out in the barn while I mowed the lawn...
The evening sun provided me with some interesting light.

While I was mowing, took a break and drove my little lawn tractor out by the road so I could take a shot of the sunset.
The sunflowers are so tall, some of them are falling over.

I had to stop mowing when it looked like this...I was not finished. Just have to do it tomorrow.
Gucci and Phoebe were keeping me company...waiting for me to go put the horses in so they could run around.
I need some rest.
Night all.


sandy said...

enjoyed the post and those kitties are so cute.

Mark Kreider said...

What a wonderful life you've made for yourselves. There's not one photo that is anything but happy or beauty or family or delicious looking food or just plain fun. I wish you continued good health and all the best that this world has to offer you!

Louise said...

Well, going to Walnut Hill is a whole day's worth of adventure.

Yesterday was miserable. The humidity was so bad that even in the house, with the a/c set at 76, I was "glowing."

So Seymour is getting adventurous? Well, he's at that age. Sidney will probably be a little slower to explore, though he might want to follow his big brother.