Wednesday, August 25, 2010


This evening, Gary and I went to the Grand Opening of Once Imagined...a new shop in Brockport, New York (The Victorian Village on the Erie Canal).

The two people who "imagine themselves in charge" are Charlene Duryea and Steve Larson.

"Once Imagined is a Repurpose-Driven, Green-Thinking, Flower-Empowered & Particularly Pet-Friendly Establishment. We Welcome Antique Collectors, History Lovers, Lovers, Scholarly-Types, Green Thumbs, Brown Thumbs, Decorators & Dealers, Moms & Dads, Students, Chaperoned Children, Friendly Pets (Chaperone-Optional), Girly Girls, Man-Cave Inhabitants, Fairy Tale Characters & Angels."

This place has something for everyone and it is dessert to the eyes. I will say no more (for the most part), just devour the beauty found in every corner.

Marv Duryea, Mrs. Irwin Duryea and Charlene.

Alicia and Helen...

Char and Norm....

These are dog and cat food and water bowls....

Healthy refreshments...Charlene and Steve thought of everything.

There's George...

Steve and Gary...

OK! Check this out. Dog and Cat beds incorporated into old luggage....clever or what?

This display was very interesting. The top piece of glass was held up with insulators.

This framed piece is on the outside of the store. So beautiful and clever.

By the time we left it was getting dark. We had a great time and wish Charlene and Steve all the best in their new venture. What a great addition to our community...I think I will take Phoebe and Gucci down to check out those beds!

I highly recommend that you pay them a visit. There website is:

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