Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Pond Has Disappeared....

A nice, mild day.
 I can't believe all the water has been absorbed in the corner of the pasture.
The ditch is a different story, but that is fine with me.  The horses love to play in it.

 As you can see, the front paddock is still a mucky mess.

 Our first daffodils started blooming today...they kept opening up all afternoon.
 Class at 10:30.
 Pam brought her Mom along and Little Wonder knew right off the bat that she was a dog lover.
 Phoebe was in her usual spot.

 My afternoon was pretty quiet and since I had a board meeting tonight we had a very simple dinner.  Eggs, homefries and bagels.

 On my way down to the Village, the sun had started going down....
 and on my way home the moon was very eerie.

 Night all.

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Grey Horse Matters said...

Love the daffodils. We had some crocuses open up. It's nice to see color! Beautiful day here too,in the 80's. Love the pictures your students are working on. A lot of talent there. Great pictures of the day.