Thursday, April 6, 2017

Enough Already!

Much of my day was spent going back and forth to the barn.
The horses were out for 2 hours and then a sprinkle turned into more serious rain.
I had already cleaned 4 stalls and set them up again as I knew how the day was going to go.

 and Little Wonder got soaked and muddy....of course.
 By 10, the girls were back in their stalls wearing nice wet blankets.

 Gary worked at Sara's this morning and I did very little during the afternoon.
It's a good thing I bought those flowers yesterday, as they brightened up the house.

 There was a little break around 4 so I let the girls back out, cleaned the 4 stalls AGAIN and set them up one more time.
 Within minutes it started to rain
 and I tucked them in for the night about 5.
It's a good thing I am retired.

 Dinner was great and I could go for this all of the time.
Romaine, cherry tomatoes, grated extra sharp cheddar cheese, peas, leftover chicken
 and homemade croutons.
As predicted, we have more crappy weather on the way.  It's going down to the 30s tonight and heavy snow is on the way.
Gary is at a meeting and I just might have to get a fire going in the kitchen.
Night all.


Grey Horse Matters said...

I hear ya,I've had enough too! I need some flowers to brighten things up.

Val Ewing said...

Was it a cold rain? Mine have been enjoying mud baths to loosen their winter coats up. Soon it will be currying season and the dust will fly.
Everyone seems to be enjoying the sun here today. We need to dry out, but tomorrow will be 74???

Mommy Stockley said...

Yup. We had snow here, and nonstop rain yesterday, it has been horrible!!