Friday, April 7, 2017

April Snow....

 Just exactly what the weatherman predicted.

 Little Wonder, Phoebe and I trudged out to the barn.

 These are not black and white photos.  This is how black and white it looked.
 The "pond" was even bigger.
 For half of the day we had fine snow and lots of wind.
Fortunately it was not that cold, so the girls could handle it.
 I put the pups in early and went back out to clean the stalls.

 When I got back in the house, Sid was sleeping on his chair and looked so sweet with his legs wrapped around the bunny.

 In spite of the weather, I made myself go to Agape.
 I read while on the elliptical and bike...time flew.
20 minutes on each.

 I made a quick stop at the Town Hall and got back to the farm by 12:30.
A perfect day to make corn chowder.

 At 4 we went to the Morgan Manning House for First Friday.
It was sponsored by Alicia and Herb Fink with the biggest crowd ever.

 Great food and drinks with plenty of opportunities

 for conversation.

 The weather had improved, the roads were clear and no more snow was 
falling by the time we got home.
I tucked the girls in
 at 6pm.  They were ready.

 The "pond" was even bigger!

 Seeing that we snacked at First Friday, we just had a bowl of soup, crackers and apples for dinner.

Night all.

Just when I thought I was finished, the sun presented some amazing light before sunset.


Mommy Stockley said...

Woah - we didn't get anywhere near that much snow!!!

Michelle said...

I know you must be tired of the snow and ready for spring!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Wow, out got a lot of snow. Not good. Love Sid on the chair with bunny. So cute. Hope it all melts this weekend.

Oak Creek Ranch said...

Love that orange light. We have snow here today. Bleh.