Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Return of the Monsoon...

The rain did not stay away for long.

 I had a 10am meeting at the Village Hall to judge a poster contest
for "Low Bridge High Water" (the opening of the Erie Canal).
 We have been doing this for several years.
 There were 100 of them produced by 4th graders, who study the Erie Canal.
 It was not raining then....
 but was pouring on my way home.  Not only that, the temperature had dropped.
The girls were happy to get tucked into their stalls.

 We took it easy this afternoon
 and I made sloppy Joes for dinner.
 It is absolutely we have a fire going.
Could have over an inch of water by midnight....just when everything dried out.
 Takin' it easy is the plan.
Night all.


PKBrandon said...

I wish you could send some down here - we need it!

Nancy J said...

"And down came the rain ", just like Incy Wincy Spider, you will be glad when it is all dried out. Beautiful daffs with the lemon centres.

Mommy Stockley said...

I have felt very bored stuck inside because of the weather today. It ran in rivers down the road and after being caught out in it first thing, I decided to stay in the rest of the day but I think it might have been a mistake.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Oh no your pond will be back for sure. Hope it clears up tomorrow.

Val Ewing said...

Oh I know the monsoon well! We've had 3 inches of rain in two nights. Eeeks. Creeks are up and running high!
However we may have a break this weekend.
I hope so.
Instead of mowing I may have to turn out my animals to trim the lawn! That is if it ever dries up!