The Rebel


Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Here is DJ....

Along comes one of his best friends....

Who ever said that cats and dogs don't get along?

Another visitor is in the yard.


Brenda's Arizona said...

Oh my, what a beautiful dog, what a beautiful cat, and what a beautiful day! Thank you for making us say "Ahhhh"!

Frank said...

Our Dr. Porter has a "friend," and I say that very looseely. Our black cat, Tonka, just loveeees his bro, Porter, and takes every opportunity to bump, bang and push him around, the Peke is too much the gentleman to fight back but he does "talk" to the cat occxasionally. Strange low noises.

It's amazing that we are so excited to have a 67 degree morning here - that means that cooler temps are near but still weeks away. An 80 degree high would be nice and an evening in the 50s would be very welcome.

I hope you get over the cold fast! All your guys and girls NEED you. Get better.