Little Wonder's Gotcha Day

Little Wonder's Gotcha Day
August 20th, 2016


Monday, September 21, 2009

POST 1980...

Can you believe it? I have posted one thousand nine hundred and eighty times as of tonight.


By 7:30 the sky was bright blue with "cotton ball" clouds.

Rumor has it that we just might get some rain tonight...The ground is so dry.

Nothing out of the ordinary during chores. Yey! Winnie's eye was back to normal.

She had her mask on all day...

A big hawk kept flying over the pasture.

Gucci and Phoebe rode with me while I went to the bank and Tractor Supply. They always go in the store with me when I pick up hay cubes.

Got home and started a big batch of sauce. The house smells so good when it is on the stove.

Mowed the lawn and did evening chores. The sky was getting very dark.

At 5:30 the temperature was about 82...lots of little bugs and MUGGY. Instead of going back out on the pasture, the horses chose the indoor.

Boy, in the past couple of days the leaves have really started to change their color.

Gary is working on the studio barn. I tried to pick out a color that was in the same zone as the roof and would go with the dark green door. It's hard to really see what it will look like with the red showing. I was hoping for a darker green...the chips look very different from the way it looks on the building. We will have crisp white trim and a white picket fence. Could be arty or it could be ugly. This might just serve as an undercoat and it will look different the next time I take a picture. To me, this looks like my jade bracelet. That darn roof has too much grey in it. Got any suggestions? Maybe it should be green and purple! A little "painted lady."

To all you readers from the Brockport area...there will be a fabulous art opening at the new Nazareth Art Gallery this coming Friday from 5-8. Bill Stewart and Kathy Calderwood will be christening this new space. Constellation Brands will have a tent there, serving wine and beer the whole time. Lots of food and I would suspect a BIG crowd. On Saturday Night you can watch Garth Fagan Dance as they open their new home base. It's just $150!!! A little out of my league, but it will be a world class event. Nazareth has outdone itself for the arts.

I'm doing this early tonight, so I can hit the couch and watch a little TV. I love to dance, and love to watch it. You know what I will be tuning it. SO...night all.



Mary Olson said...

It was supposed to rain here too. Lots of dark clouds but not a drop. I hope we get something overnight or tomorrow!

Frank said...

Congratulations on your achievement. Wow!

And, almost 42,000 views according to your counter. That's an amazing number and just proves how popular you and your wonderful farm world are to so many people who live far away and enjoy spending time with the Skoog family. (I have your music back and am enjoying Groovin by the Rascals as I type this.)

Thanks Lori. (And the sauce smells heavenly from here.)