Little Wonder's Gotcha Day

Little Wonder's Gotcha Day
August 20th, 2016


Thursday, September 17, 2009


It all starts here every morning. Now that I only have 5 horses (and I put them in about 9-10pm the night before) I can clean all the stalls with one little wheelbarrow. This is quite a change, and the length of time has been shortened dramatically.

Around 10 I left for Apple Creek Farm to mow the lawn. Phoebe and Gucci went was cool and I left all the windows in the car open...they napped.

Fortunately the grass was pretty dry by the time I got there.

They have one heck of a long driveway...

The apples are looking pretty good but are not ready yet. I picked some off the ground for the horses.

Home around 12:15. Had lunch...Phoebe took a nap.

At 2, my friend Sandy brought her Morgan mare (Gem) to the Farm to work in the indoor. We tried on a high density pad and a Mattis pad with her saddle. Gem has not been ridden for quite awhile. She was backed by a mutual friend a couple of years ago and it was done without incidence. Sandy hopes to take her over to the Renaissance Equestrian Center for some lessons in a couple of weeks, so we wanted to get her going in preparation. Gem has been somewhat intimidating so Sandy has to get back to being Alpha. We free lounged her and put her on a lounge line ... 90% of the time she was a good girl.

She's a beautiful, big horse!

I took a picture of her eye as Sandy has done some fabulous drawings of two of my horse's eyes and now she can do Gem. (Sandy is also one of my art students...and a VERY talented one at that).

Went out to do chores early, as we watched Finn and Coop tonight while Jenny went to an open house at school.

Fed the horses and was done in half an hour.

Finally, I can take their masks off before dark. The bugs don't like the cool evenings.

Now that Target is gone, PC is the only gelding with 4 mares.

The old boy is becoming attached to Winnie.

Leftovers for dinner. Great light on the barn.

I prepared some homemade lomain, and we stopped at Wegmans for some sesame chicken. The boys love it. They got home a little before 7 after Finn's hour of flag football practice. Poor Jenny didn't catch a break today.

After dinner they played outside for awhile and then spent some time blowing up balloons.

Finn let his go just when I was taking a picture, and it turned out all green.

About this picture.... Jenny has it in her family room and I thought I would give you a look at it.
This was 1981. It was my 20th class reunion and a family reunion on the same night. John Belushi was part of our family. He was my cousin and his Mom was my Godmother. We spent the first part of the evening with the family, and when we left, John said he would watch the girls for us. Seeing that he was on Saturday Night Live...Jen and Steph thought this was pretty special. Jim Belushi is still going strong, but we have not seen him (my brother , Steph and Jen's husband have tho). He is still busy with the House of Blues and his band. Just a little trivia....

The horses are in and I am going to watch a movie. Night all.

PS This song, "She Caught the Katy," means a lot to me. We shot a video of the kids riding through the fields and used this music as the background...Perfect, with John singing it.


GreensboroDailyPhoto said...

All the photos are great but the last one steals my heart and, oh, the music. Fun, fun, fun. Time to look at sky watch photos and hold on for the ride!!!

San said...

That is beautiful light on the barn.

And John Belushi--such a talented soul. That's a picture of sweetness, revealing his tender side.