The Rebel


Sunday, September 20, 2009

S L O W D O W N......

A little after midnight, the temperature in Brockport was 38. There were some places nearby that had their first frost.

Another beautiful morning. Gary helped me with chores.

Didn't do anything extra afterward. The horses were all set.

Changed my clothes and we went down to the village.

Started off with breakfast at Java Junction.

It is across the street from the Farm Market.

Gary goes to Java for coffee every morning...where he meets a bunch of his friends and really starts his day.

Many of the tables have glass on the top and photos underneath. Ironically, where we sat...was this picture of Abbe taken many years ago by a local photographer.

The drill is to buy a newspaper, grab a cup of joe, and catch up on what's happening....

Breakfast was poached eggs on whole wheat toast with a side of crispy homefries. I had OJ. Gary had coffee.

It was a short walk to the market, and who was there? DJ from Christina's World.

When we were getting ready to leave, Jenny and Sharmane stopped at Java to get some coffee before setting off on one of their long walks.

All the vendors seemed to have some very good deals this morning.

We bought half a bushel of plum tomatoes for sauce...

Peaches ....have to make more peach betty.

The eggplant and peppers are from our garden.

We had all the ingredients for a pot of sauce.

Gary says that these peppers are not hot, but I don't believe him.

These peppers are sweet for sure. Bought them at the Market and we had them in a salad for dinner, along with veggie burgers topped with cheddar cheese and onions.

Backing up, we took Phoebe and Gucci along for an afternoon ride. It was too beautiful not to do something. Here, we are going down a winding road that lead us to a very nice little park in Holley.

An oaisis.

Water comes from the Erie Canal....

down a falls....

which Gucci and Phoebe found to be very interesting.

A slice of heaven and a great place for a picnic (next time).

Complete with a very unique birdhouse.

On the way out, we passed this building that is the home of the local Historical Society.

Went out a little early to pick the pasture and do chores. Winnie's blind eye was swollen and 1/2 closed. I put the horses in and placed a cold compress on her for a few minutes. When she went back out, she had her mask on. Wanted to rub it up against the boards. I repeated the process when I put her in for the night. We shall see how she is doing in the morning.

Jenny brought the dogs up for a run and stayed for dinner while Kevin and the boys were with friends watching the Buffalo Bills game.

A beautiful evening.
That's it for now. Night all.


Mary Olson said...

That's some great looking produce! And the park photos are beautiful! Looks like you had a lovely day.

Grey Horse Matters said...

It's been cold here too in the mornings. Java Junction looks like a great way to start the day. Love those cute pooches too and the wonderful pictures of the rushing water.

Anonymous said...

Loved the tour of your neighborhood, don't you just love the Farmer's Market? Hubby and I spent four months doing them in Knoxville selling his woodturnings. You live in a beautiful area. :)

Unknown said...

Lovely scenery in that park - just beginning to show signs of autumn colouring, though.
Cheers, Mike and Ann.

Gayle said...

The park near Holley looks like a beautiful place for a picnic. I noticed Phoebe doesn't need a leash. She must be very well-trained. I can tell you our main difference: we both are cold in the morning, but you warm up during the a 40-50 degree difference. We wake up cool and stay that way all day (33 up to 40 or 45). I wouldn't mind Fall if it wasn't so much like winter! lol

Sara said...

I hate to sound dumb - but what is peach betty????