Little Wonder's Gotcha Day

Little Wonder's Gotcha Day
August 20th, 2016


Sunday, September 13, 2009


Nice morning. Phoebe, Gucci, Gary and I went out to do chores.

There were hundreds of birds in the pasture today and they kept hanging around the horses.

Gary went down for coffee and to the Market to get more tomatoes for sauce.

Yesterday he made a couple of signs to direct people for parking. He even got the garbage cans ready for the BBQ.

I picked a lot of wild flowers and put them in jelly jars at all the tables.

At 10:45 I stopped everything and went for a trail ride with Darrin. Berlin was her usual jiggy self part of the time. Unfortunately I left my camera in the grooming room, so for the second time I got no pictures.

By 2pm Jenny arrived with more goodies for the event. Our acoustic guitarist, John Hopf from Geneseo, set up and gave us a little preview. He was great, and has been writing music for over 30 years.

What's happening?....three neighboring Towns got together to have an event that would give their candidates a chance to meet new people. It was also an opportunity to raise some funds.
I'd say we had over 70 people here.

Helen set up two beautiful baskets for us to raffle off.

Of course I needed to have flowers for John.

The music started around three and really added to the atmosphere.

Here's Jenny with Caurie of the candidates running for Sweden Town Board.

Caurie with Orlando Benzan, who is also a candidate for Town Board.

Jenny, Sheldon Meyers (candidate for County Legislature) and Annie Crane, our Town Leader.

These two guys used to be my students. They now own a local restaurant called 58 Main and catered the event. Jon and Mark! Great job!

We had.....BBQ chicken breasts, baked beans, mac salad, potato salad, green salad and corn bread.

...and did they ever make enough food for an army!!!!

Tom Jensen is running for Hamlin Town Board.

This is John Lemke...he is running for Town Supervisor in Clarkson.

Rod Zulkosky is running for the Hamlin Town Board.

Tom Trapp is running for Town Board in Clarkson.

That's Patty on the left....she and Archie supplied us with many things...tables, chairs, flowers, and more.

There's Jack...talking to Caurie.


Kathy White...(Morgan Horse Woman)

Jamie, Margay and Ulpi.

Dick and Joan.



Jack, Judy and Jenny.

More pictures....

Swing time.

Finn, Jamie and Orlando.

Sheldon making the rounds.

Looking for votes!!!

This is Johnnie. Is she cute or what?

and her husband Ed.

Archie of The Lift Bridge Book Store....

The event was supposed to run from 3-5. I did not get out to feed the horses until 6:45. It took so long to get ready and clean up, my knee is killing me. HOWEVER! I think everyone had a good time, and it was nice to get together with people from two of the neighboring towns.

This morning I took the door off Abbe's stall. Target used to have this one and he was very tall and could see over it. She is much smaller and it was too high for her. There is actually a step down's about 16 x 16 so there is plenty of room and I think she will like the change...I do!

Jenny and Finn came out to help me with chores. They picked the paddock and pasture for me.
Finn is very comfortable with the horses. He took some of the photos below.

I'm going to put the horses in now, and get prone. Night all!


Frank said...

Just what I imagined the event would look like but far better.You DO have the perfect location for the gathering. The guitarist, food and set up looked so great. I love the trash can parking works. I'm glad to see the canine girls lived through it. All of the candidates must have really appreciated the chance to gather and your warm hospitality. Your daughter is cute. You are amazing Lois and such a wonderful host.

BTW, the macros of your gorgeous flowers are spectacular.

Gayle said...

I imagine you were exhausted after such an activity-filled day. So many people! The farm looked great. Glad you had help with the evening chores.

Pat said...

That was a great thing for you to do--host an event for multiple candidates for various local offices! You are an exemplary citizen.

Ditto what Frank said about the flower photos--absolutely gorgeous!

thecrazysheeplady said...

I'll probably get in trouble here, but as a Packer fan, I have to laugh at the sight of a Brent Faver jersey doing "barn chores" - tee hee ;-).