The Rebel


Wednesday, September 23, 2009


It was a nice enough morning. Did not need a sweatshirt.

Chores were short and sweet...still need some rain.

I set the hay up under the overhang just in case.

Of course the horses were not interested and went out to the back pasture.

Hey! Where did everybody go????

Come with me! I found them out back.

I tracked 'um down.

Yesterday I mentioned that I made pickled beets. Victoria C. wondered if they were hard to make and I sent her the recipe. Here is the photo I promised.

At 9:30 I left for chorus...Gary was already down there. We had an excellent rehearsal and a few more people came back...should hit 50 this year.

On the way home, tied up some business at the bank.

We decided that we are sticking with the "jade" color of the Skoog Shop, so Gary stopped at the store to pick up more paint. Unfortunately he could not do anything today as he was afraid it would rain and ruin everything.

Around 3 I decided to head into Rochester to a Jewelry store that was recommended to me. I had several things that needed repairs and have put it off too long.

The dogs rode along.

I always take a water dish when we go in the car.

The store was great and I decided to have the work done there. They actually invited the dogs in while we finished up.

Left for home at 5.

At that hour I avoided the main part of the city, but the expressway was still packed.

As we got closer to home I took the back roads...the leaves are changing.

Trina did chores, and Gary and I went down to Bergen for dinner.

You guessed it...the Bergen Family Restaurant.

This place could have been in an "I Love Lucy" show. The classic Townie Joint.

Before we left, the sky got very black.

Did I mention that this is really a truck stop kinda place?

A humming little four corners.

Home by 7:40. Took off the horses masks and am waiting to see who is OUT of the dancing competition. I know who I want to leave.

This was a very low profile day for me...not too much excitement.
Night all.


allhorsestuff said...

Hullo Lori!
Well, that was a nice day...low profile is good I say. Your chorus sounds like it will be much fun and enjoyment. Used to sing at church for years and did all the musicals. it was a blast.
Thanks for the sweet things you always say.
I just think you are the best!
XO KacyK
P.S. the new pic taker:
Canon PowerShot SX110

Sara said...


New to your blog via Tampa Photo Blog.

Love your photos - and the way you described your day.

So, were you pleased or not about who got kicked off of Dancing With The Stars? I thought a different guy should have gone!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Your dog is just adorable. Great photos.

Marcel said...

Hi Lori!, thanks for your comment on my blog. I have a friend who works in with horses, they bred special horses and sell them all over the world. They are located quite close to Woerden... maybe these were the sellers?

I do see quite a number of horses in the country side, but to be honest I never have really taken much notice. I consider myself to tall for a horse...

I am the chef on the other blog yes, it's my part-time extra occupation. It one of the things I love to do :)