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Sunday, September 27, 2009


It rained most of the night and didn't stop until I went out to do chores. I can't complain, we really needed it.

Gary helped me so we finished in no time.

I figured we would have more weather, so I fed hay under the shed roof.

Really grey out there.

The outdoor ring had a little standing water, but it was absorbed by evening.

Definately different from the past week. (Can you see the horse's backboard in the paddock?)

We went to Brockport to hit the Farm Market and Java.

I went to the market first and he headed straight for the coffee. Check out the size of that red pepper!

You can't get a better deal anywhere.

It makes you wonder why you should plant a garden....

Gregry's Bakery brings fabulous goodies....

...and they sell a lot of them.

The rain never keeps people away.

Just as I was walking across the street with about 5 bags of fruit and veggies, Gary yelled over that my breakfast was ready. He had placed an order for me, and it was waiting...

This sweet pup was waiting outside while her owner was grabbing some coffee.

Look at that pretty face. She never barked...just waited patiently.

...right next to the entrance.

What was for breakfast?

I had French toast.

The flower baskets on Main Street are still lookin' good.

I will admit that blue skies are more interesting.

So what did I buy today? Red peppers, yellow peppers, butternut squash, cucumbers, tomatoes and peaches.

When we got home, it was warmer outside than in. Gary did a little painting and clean up in the studio barn while I was in the house freezing. So we started a fire in the kitchen and watched the movie "Cinema Paradiso." Have you ever seen it? An Italian film that won an Oscar for best foreign 1990???? There are so many outstanding foreign films... Like "Mostly Martha," "I Have Always Loved You," "The Chorus," and many more. Distinctly different from the American "movies."

I sat in this rocking chair in front of the fire....

With some of the beautiful veggies I bought today, I made homemade pizza with sauce from scratch. After I spread the dough, I let it sit for about 45 minutes and it puffed up...added the sauce, yellow peppers, onions and cheese. It was the best tasting pizza I have ever made...crispy, because I let the dough rise again.

Jenny came up with some homemade lentil soup (which I won't be able to touch until tomorrow)
and had a piece of cake (that Judy made for dinner last night) and a cuppa tea (as Lynda would say) with her Dad while I did the chores.

Around 5 it started to rain again, but it stopped while the horses were eating their grain.

Cleared up for awhile.

Gary split more wood and we were cozy for many hours. It sure is getting dark earlier. We did not eat that pizza I made until about 8pm. Of course betwen that and the fire I have difficulty keeping my lids open. Time to close them. Night all.

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Frank said...

You've described a wonderful "day in the life." Your weather is definitely changing and the sun is beginning to set earlier and earlier. After a start of the day with delicious-looking French toast, you're later cozying up in front of the kitchen fire, watching a good foreign flick (we love the ones with subtitles but then she can't knit. Darn!) Nice day,Lori. Thank you for sharing it all. It made me think of your farm world and smile.