Little Wonder's Gotcha Day

Little Wonder's Gotcha Day
August 20th, 2016


Friday, September 25, 2009


Very chilly this morning. Not only did I wear sweats, I wore a jacket.

My trusty companions were right out there with me.

No masks except for Winnie. We have to protect her ear.

Could not work Abbe today...will take her cart over to Glen Darach Farm tomorrow. She will be going there for 5 days on Monday.

At 10am I drove over to Apple Creek Farm to mow the lawn. I passed a field full of geese.

The wind kicked up and it felt even colder. As you can see, the apples are just about ready for picking.

Gary had a chance to work on the studio barn today. He wants to be more daring...something other than white for trim. If it doesn't rain tomorrow, a little experimenting will take place.

My class arrived at 2pm and we experimented with water colors. This is the first art class they have ever attended.

These two are by my youngest student. He is only 5. We started with a little color mixing, and then went on to do a free hand painting.

I did evening chores early, as Carol and Topper arrived at 5:45 to drive into Rochester for an Art Opening. The name of the show was MIDNIGHT OIL and featured Kathy Calderwood and our good friend, Bill Stewart. You have seen many examples of his work in our house as well as the gardens.

When we got there, the parking lot was packed.

As I said in an earlier post, Nazarath College has invested a tremendous amount of money in their new gallery. They went all out for this opening...I've never been to a bigger one in my career.

They also have added a venue for world-class dance. Garth Fagan and his group will
be the first to perform there tomorrow night. Many of you have seen Lion King....He did an outstanding job with the choreography. Many years ago, he taught here at SUNY Brockport in the Dance Department.

Gary and Topper never stop messing around. Why would they act civilized here?

Below, you will see the pieces by Bill....

He is a very funky artist...a local treasure, with work all over the United States in galleries and private homes.

Topper, me, Alicia and Herb.

This is one of the pieces by Kathy Calderwood.

If I had to guess, I would say that there were over 500 people in attendance.

Here's Bill talking to one of his fans.

Romy and Mary Ellen (Mom).

A sample of the goodies.

There were beautiful plantings outside the doors of the gallery. Tents were set up with tables of food and drink. A live band...

Carol and Randy.

This is one of the cutest children I have ever met. His name is Jack.

Here he is with his Dad (Brad).

Now you have to understand....about the next two photos. Bob (on the left) has a daughter who lives in Arizona. She reads my Journal and he wanted to get her attention. He is with long time friend Jim Hosford.

Here he is with Gary...I guess they think this is pretty funny!

Many prominent artists from this area were in attendance. Here we have Nancy Jurs, Jennifer Hecker and Sandy Cain.

Constellation Brands (wine company) put out a real spread for this event.

The photo of the glasses was taken because I liked the way they looked. Fun with the light.

Below, Bonnie (Bill's wife) is talking to Jennifer. It was a great opportunity to see all kinds of people.

As usual, Topper was taking pictures of me taking pictures of him. Now he has a fancy phone and he just wouldn't stop.

After the opening, went to a restaurant in Pittsford for a soup and salad dinner.

Home by 9:45....a long day.
Night all.


Mary Olson said...

Looks like a fun event! It started out cool here too but got pretty warm in the afternoon. Beautiful day!

Anonymous said...

That looked really nice. I loved looking at the art. I should snap photos when we go to galleries. I always think maybe I shouldn't. I'll just have to start asking.

Gayle said...

What a fun art event. I love those sculptures. Can't wait to see what Gary has in store for the Shop. I agree, have some fun with it!