The Rebel


Tuesday, September 29, 2009


It was raining when I woke up...and it must have rained quite a bit last night. Ta Daaaaa! Once again my outdoor ring looks like a pond.

The dogs look great with all that mud on their feet and bellies.

I groomed all the horses (as they were muddy) and put on their sheets. The wind was nasty.

They stayed out in the pasture most of the day.

My class arrived at 1:30 and all are working on projects they started awhile ago.

Joan is finishing up her colored pencil drawing.

Connie is still adding to her watercolor sketch book.

Dick is back after being off most of the summer.

Tina has finished her welcome painting and I expect to see it hanging on her door shortly.

Mel is back...working on a colored pencil still life.

Sandy is painting another horse.

By the time they left, the sky was very dark.

Jen dropped off Cooper around 2 as she had a meeting at the County Legislature. Grampa kept him busy while I finished class.

Gucci was posing for you....

and so was Phoebe.

At 4, Gary picked up Finn when he got off the bus and brought him up to the farm.

After many snacks Grampa took him down to flag football practice. Pretty amazing that they would do such a thing at this age.

While they were gone, Coop and I went out to do chores.

He helped me put the grain in the feeders. I give them all a couple of pieces of apple every feeding until about January. When the apples have been officially picked at Apple Creek, I get lots of them off the ground...the horses love them.

He can hardly reach, but that will change by next year.

He rode in the wheelbarrow so he wouldn't get his sneakers dirty.

Kevin showed up just when we were sitting down to dinner, after which they went home for showers and some buttered popcorn.

Gary is vegging and I am going to do the same. Night all.


Anonymous said...

You got a lot of rain! That was a good night to veg out.
We're in a draught right now. Great pictures!

Frank said...

Coop is such a cute kid and seems to really take to the chores (he does, right?). The wheelbarrow ride can't hurt grandma.

I couldn't help but imagine turning the ring into an ice rink. That's amazing how flooded it gets. Raise it up a foot? Ha! The dogs look good but everything does appear to be soggy.

Thanks for another great day with the Skoogs.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Wow, that ring is some mess. I hope it clears up soon and the mud too. I hate mud.
You have lots of talented students their pictures are really good. Love the welcome sign with the collies.