My Girl.


Tuesday, September 1, 2009


49 degrees this morning...loved it!

Chores as usual, rearranged the feed room and got a delivery at 8am. Half of the normal grain order. When it gets cooler, I will get it just once a month.

Everything is still very green.

At 10:30, class started. Everytime Tina comes in the kitchen, she gives Phoebe and Gucci a treat.
Today they both sat before she even asked them.

Connie is sketching Black Eyed Susans....

Tina is really making headway on her Welcome painting....I like the grapevine frame she is putting around the edge of it.

Sandy is working on her Civil War drawing for her brother....

At noon we all piled in Connie's car and drove out to Point Breeze (on Lake Ontario).

We parked in the middle of some huge boats and went over to a sweet little restaurant that overlooked Oak Orchard Creek.

Boats were docked North and South of us as far as we could see.

This little boat belonged to the son of the previous owners (Tina's sister).

There were plantings everywhere.

Many of the boats were charters that go out on the lake for some serious fishing.

The shore was lined with waterlilies.

As if lunch wasn't enough, we took a short ride over to Brown's Berry Patch for an ice cream.

This has become a very popular local attraction.

They sell an enormous amount of fresh fruit....

Homemade cheesecake....


Fabulous baskets...

Ceramic mugs etc. etc. etc.

Here's another shot of the creek looking South.

Got home in time to take Phoebe and Gucci to the Vets for a skin check. The are both itchy and don't have any fleas or ear mites.

Fortunately they are very cooperative.

Jeannie and Doug B. came in with a new puppy their daughter surprised them with.

She is a Beagle Pug cross and is adorable.

Do we have to get shots??? Will it help????

In and out of there in half an hour. I love this place....There's Mary!

I forgot to take a picture of dinner....a huge salad.

Two Moms came to talk to me at 7 regarding an art class I am starting to teach in a couple of weeks. The kids are home schooled and the college recommended me. I haven't taught young kids in ages...the range is 5-12.

When they left, I went out to take the horse's masks off. The evening was as beautiful as the day.

There is something about that just before dark light.

Beautiful sunset.

Returned some phone calls, and am now ready for some couch time. Guess I will put the horses in first. Night All.


LIT said...

I think I'm adding one more addiction---your blog.

You're probably going to love the younger kids particularly because they're so free from preconceptions of what they can/should produce. Hope it turns into a wonderful experience for all of you.

Thanks for giving me a wonderful go-to-bed feeling again. Your blog does great things for me.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog! Is that a Honda Element?

Gayle said...

It must be nice to have such good friends to have lunch in such beautiful places with. Lovely photos of the area. Hope the pups are okay and the itching stops without much intervention.