Little Wonder's Gotcha Day

Little Wonder's Gotcha Day
August 20th, 2016


Saturday, September 19, 2009


First of all, I need to tell you that I did this entire post and put it on my other blog....had to delete it and start all over! Sooooo tired!

We have an insert in our kitchen fireplace and last night we had our first fire while we watched a movie. Really took the chill off, as it was in the 40s outside.

This morning was even brighter than yesterday and there was a pretty hefty breeze blowing in the window....puffing out the curtains.

When I checked out the temperature, it was only 41.

Chores as usual...fortunately it heated up quickly.

When I finished...mowed around the edges of the pastures. For some reason it grows quickly there.

At 11 I grabbed Abbe and we got back to the good old line driving. The last two times she was worked, it was under saddle and a nice break for her.

Inside she was fine...when I drove her through the paddock and out to one of the pastures she got a little anxious. The exposure was good for her.

Darrin called around 12:30 and wanted to take a shot at riding in the park. We got there a little before three. KC over at All Horse Stuff shows us pictures like this all the time and tries to make me jealous by riding in the ocean when she is not on some beautiful trail.

Northampton Park is not even 10 minutes from our farm, and has miles of perfectly groomed trails.

A beautiful creek runs through it.

Some of the leaves have started to change color.

What a great experience we had.

I tried some over the shoulder shots of Darrin and Winnie, but they were all blurry. Once I got my feet on the ground they were much better.

This is the first time Darrin and Winnie have been to the park. The saddle is new and Winnie is most happy to be ridden with a hackamore.

Berlin, who is always JIGGY on the trails at home (because her buddies are nearby) was outstanding today. I rode her on the buckle the entire time. She is 24 and acts 10. Winnie is also 24, and she is looking mighty fine.

I am very fortunate to have this truck and trailer available for getting me and my horses off the farm. Totally lost now that I sold mine. The Kenney's have been very generous.

Got home around 5. Trina was doing chores, and Ethan played with the dogs.

They both loved it.

No dinner, and at 6:15 we left for an art opening at Marti's on Main in Albion.

Peter Monacelli was the featured artist. He has been producing work for 42 years.

Below are some examples ....

The place was packed. Lots of food, drinks and conversation.

Here he is with gallery owner Kim M-M.

Gary got into a long conversation with a retired SUNY Brockport Professor regarding yoga!

Home a little before 9. Let the dogs out and put the horses in. It was freezing out there!
Night All...


BroomJockey said...

Hi Lori, I see you ride your horses in hackamore's, have you ever tried a bitless bridle? I haven't as I use rope bridles but I hear they are nice too. I am going to try a bitless bridle for my driving horses. I was thinking this may help Abbe also. Sometimes, horses do not like not being able to see everything around them. I know you can't show without the blinders (ADS rules) but I am going to train the rest of my gang both ways. With the blinders and then without. Just as I believe that all horses should learn to ride AND drive, I think all driving horses should be given the choice of blinders and not blinders. I'm quirky like that.

Life in Egypt said...

this guy has the biggest chest I ever saw does he also do weightlifting or is it something to do with the horses.

Gayle said...

What a gorgeous trail ride. I would want to do that every single day! We have a lot of trails (not groomed and out through the trees) for riding near my house. If I had a horse I could head out my front door. Someday I hope. Fun art show. I look forward to going to more of that kind of stuff when the little ones are older.