The Rebel


Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Who let the dogs out? These little creatures are in the garden off the back porch. They are the first thing I saw when Gucci and Phoebe went out this morning.

Another beautiful day.

Check out the fig tree. It is growing like crazy....the leaves are big and healthy....and I thought this plant was a goner.

Look whose head is sticking out of the window in what used to be Abbe's old stall. If it isn't Pony (Babe's Opal).

Chores were done in a little over an hour. Something in the big pasture is making PC slobber. This used to happen to Joe at this time of the year...I think it is clover.

When I went over to get the lawn tractor, I looked down and saw this muddy thing in the grass.

When I touched it, it flew away.

Mulched the paddock. I really appreciate the lack of mud.

At 11 I got a hair cut, picked up a sandwich at Ryan's and headed over to Apple Creek Farm to mow the lawn.

As you can see, the apples are really shaping up.

Drove by the Welcome Center on the way home to see what kind of activity there was on the Canal.

Several nice boats, houseboats and a fabulous sail boat.

There are many gardens that were planted by volunteers...they really add to the atmosphere.

Next stop....Stull lumber to pick up two double clips. I am determined to make Abbe's poles not slip around when I am line driving her...from now on, they will be clipped to the rings on her surcingle. I'm tired of making adjustments...just want to work.

Evening chore time. Here comes the Gucci dog.

So simple at night.

Notice the direction they are ALL facing.

Went into the house and messed around on the computer...long enough that Gar suggested we go down to the Golden Eagle for dinner. He had fish...I had meatloaf.

When we left, the sun was setting.

Back to the farm just before dark...the horses were in the indoor waiting for me to take off their masks.

I'll go put them in pretty soon. Night all!


Gayle said...

It does look like you had a beautiful day. We did as well, but I wasn't feeling well so not much done. What a beautiful sailboat!

Diary From Africa said...

Thanks for sharing a lovely day with us, Lori !

Frank said...

What are the creatures by the door and where did they come from. Up close I can see they are not really rabbits.

The boats at dock look very inviting. Meatloaf is my favorite (although my wife still tries after 30 years to make it in some way "gourmet" but I just like the common-variety meatloaf. Yummmmmm.)

BTW - I miss your music.

Esther Garvi said...

The apples are looking great and so are all the animals!