Little Wonder's Gotcha Day

Little Wonder's Gotcha Day
August 20th, 2016


Friday, September 18, 2009


Another bright morning...who can complain?

Gucci waited patiently for me to get dressed for chores.

The window of time for getting photos can be very short...sometimes when I go in another room to get my camera, the light changes before I get back. Today I managed to catch it on our bedroom door.

A pretty cool start to the day, so no masks again. I'm keeping one on Winnie however, while she is having her ear treated.

All had to have halters on as the farrier was coming at 10:30.

The sky became very grey and I was sure it would rain....

but it never happened.

Abbe came in to the paddock for a drink...I cleaned and filled the water trough this morning.
Big news, huh?

Got into the house for a little while before John arrived.

Masterpiece was first. John is very careful with him as he has that blown up knee and can not bend his leg...hardly at all.

Of course Duncan was there. This is the second time he was able to come in the grooming room
and he behaved like a perfect gentleman.

He hangs out in one of the stalls.

Such a handsome boy...

I got back in the house around 12:30...had lunch and got ready for my new 2pm class... 7 kids between 5 and 11 who are home schooled. The college recommended me and I'm giving it a shot.
You will meet them and see their work once we get going. So far, so good... they are sweet and enthusiastic, with very supportive families.

At 3:30 I went to Wegmans to buy groceries. I was running out of many things (like lemons for my sun tea).

Home by 4:45 and went out to guessed it...evening chores.

All the grey skies were gone and we were back to perfection. The temperature went up to 73.

Tonight we will be in the 40s.

Phoebe kept me company while Gucci searched both barns looking for the cat.

Had a big salad for dinner with some corn on the cob. We watched a movie and Gary started a fire in the was a nice feeling....cozy. By 8pm I was asleep on the couch. At 9:15 Phoebe told me she wanted to go outside, so I took them with me when I put the horses in. The cool air woke me up enough to do this. I'm toast! Night all.

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rebecca said...

Masterpiece is huge! Wow! He is beautiful. I love the photo of your door and how you caught the light and shadows. Tell me, what's that hanging on your door? It looks so cool. Makes me want to put up one on mine! Hehe!