Little Wonder's Gotcha Day

Little Wonder's Gotcha Day
August 20th, 2016


Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Time to get up....

Out for chores....all the ponies were happy to get their breakfast.

Class today. Connie is determined to fill up and entire (watercolor) sketchbook and is working on some black eyed susans.

Everytime I left my seat, Gucci jumped up on it. She is quite the social butterfly.

Tina has started painting the letters on her project.

Donna was able to join us today and brought along some birds she started awhile ago.

It is good to have her back with us.

The fields are yellow with mustard weed....

Such a nice rich color.

So many "weeds" are very beautiful. All these are in our back pasture.

I even have my camera with me when I am picking manure. You never know when something is going to scream to be photographed.

Mr. B. came today and rototilled the indoor, the outdoor ring and the gardens where Gary has been dumping the manure. He does a great rid of all those nasty weeds.

More wild flowers...

Evening chores....

and a few quick shots of the grooming/tack room. It needs a new paint job on the North wall. UGLYYYYYYY. I had to make room for my cart so it can be in a nice dry place...Gary will help me with the refinishing.

I had to move everything around so I could fit it in.


Now it is much more organized...LOTS OF STUFF....30 years worth....

Back in the house after chores...a simple dinner. Gary had a 4:30 meeting and a 7:30 meeting.

Could not resist photographing this little vase of wild flowers....the colors were so gorgeous...

We are still having ideal weather, although yesterday and today were a little more humid. Slowed me down.

Ate and took a quick shower. Bridge started tonight.

Do any of you play duplicate?

The house we went to had great art all over the place. Here are a couple examples.

And this is the irresistable food put out by our hostess.

Beautiful fruit, a blueberry peach pie, a cheesecake, nuts, drinks etc.

I have bridge at the farm in October ....what am I going to make?

Off to watch a movie...the horses are tucked in, Gary is asleep. Night all.


photogchic said...

I like that rustic look of the North wall. Maybe because I long for a farm of my own and I love old barns. I was "crafty" today. I spent the morning sewing on a nice to have the afternoon to do that.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful array of that cute expression of Gucci! I can see you digging your camera from the manure..he he!and doesn'y this pie look absolutely mouthwatering...!

Anonymous said...

Lots of wonderful pictures. I love the Black-eyed Susans best. :) I have painted them as well, but I don't think as well as this one. :)

Gayle said...

That pie looks amazing. I would weight 300 pounds if exposed to the food you see everyday. What outstanding cooks.