Monday, September 28, 2009


When I saw the sky this morning I knew something was up.

Went out a little early as I had a lot to do before I trailered Abbe out to Glen Darach. Normally she walks right on the trailer...but this morning something had her spooked and she pulled away from me more than once. After 3 tries she walked on and we were on our way.

Before we left I had to do some serious grooming, as it had rained and she rolled. Why do light horses always do this? Put a sweat sheet on her to absorb the moisture on the way out...regroomed her when we arrived and put on her rain sheet.

This is the aisle in Andrea's barn.

Got home a little before noon....cleaned out the trailer, parked it and got in the house just in time for a serious downpour with 55 mph winds! Went out to put the horses in and my umbrella turned inside out.

Had leftover pizza for lunch.

The next thing ya know....the sky was blue and bright. I put the horses out again and picked the back pasture.

The wildflowers are still in full bloom.

It looked good out there....for awhile!

Then the wind came up and it poured again!

Cleared up...rained again! Finally gave up and put the horses in for the night.

Today was Gary's birthday. He did not feel well (bad cold) so he spent a lot of time drinking tea in front of a fire.

We were invited down to Judy and Randy's for dinner, but he did not think he should pass on his cold. I went by myself.

Judy has beautiful flowers all around her house.

She set the porch up like a little cafe...

and put out an amazing spread...(Yom Kippur began at sundown). Half of the guests were Jewish and contributed traditional dishes.

I wish I could remember the name of this cake....

Judy made a huge bowl of blintzes from scratch...they were served with strawberries and sour cream. Yummy!

I left at 9 and took home a basket of food for Gary. Watched a little "Dancing" and fell asleep.
At least I don't have to go out in this weather to put the horses in...more rain tonight and tomorrow. Hope that Abbe was good for Andrea today. Night all.


Lisa & Gerald said...

Hope you are staying warm and dry..Happy Birthday to Gary..Have you been getting a lot of wind too..Oh we have its crazy here..Its cold wet and very damp..Hpoe you have a great week.Hugs

Gayle said...

Looks like you finally got that rain you needed, but it sure didn't need to come with wind! Sorry to hear Gary has a cold...hope he's better soon.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Beautiful pictures. The rain is good but the wind could stay out of it. We had some similar weather and all the horses came in early too. Your friends house is lovely. Happy Birthday to Gary and hope he feels better soon. Colds are miserable, especially on your birthday.

Sara said...

Your wildflowers are beautiful! Sorry to hear that Gary was under the weather...hope he is feeling better today.

We have been having rain here too - for the last couple of days...

It was a pretty interesting Dancing last night - I think that girl Joanna has things going her way. Still like Kelly - and that young blond boy whose name I can't remember.