My Girl.


Friday, September 11, 2009


Pretty cool this morning.

Chores as usual.... Between the temperature and the wind, the horses did not need their masks.

Mowed the lawn in case it rained. We are having a political event here on Sunday (a candidate that is running for County Legislature) and don't want it looking like a pasture.

The wild bamboo has never been so beautiful.

Father Foozie is still holding court in the middle of the driveway.

Did a quick round of grocery shopping, had lunch and went out to the pasture to catch Abbe.

This was not going to be the same old same old. How sick she must be of line driving and blinders. I groomed her and put on my dressage saddle. Used Target's bridle to set her up with a hackamore and adjusted it to her smaller head. I'm going to have to put a black stain on it, as it looks ugly the way it is.

Without her blinders she really has that POA look. I have not ridden this horse since I started the driving insanity...probably over a year ago. However, when she went to Andrea's for training, she spent the first week riding her...boy did she do a great job. I was home alone but thought what the heck...pulled out the mounting block and she stood perfectly still while I got on. Just walked, and she was a doll...very responsive. Now I have to get Jenny to ride her out on the back trails with me (and Berlin...and Darrin and Winnie).

After evening chores I took a quick shower and went out to Hamlin Beach for a picnic sponsored by the Brockport Teachers Association. Gary crashed at home. They do this every year and it is nice to see everyone.

On the way out I passed the Firefighters Memorial Monument and grabbed this shot though my car window. Firemen are there the entire day.

The picnic is always held at one of the lodges right next to the water.

Because Mary Pat and I are always at the same places, she is in all my pictures. (She is next to Michael C. His wife, Paula, and I taught in the same high school, where she is the current Chairman of the Art Department ...also coordinated this event).

Of course Scott had to get in on this shot (with his wife). Looks like a happy couple to me.

When Ellen G. walked by, Mary Pat wanted me to take a picture of them together...old friends.

As it started to get dark I went out by the beach.


And check out the sunset.... My second contribution to SKYWATCH FRIDAY.

Home a little after 8:30. There was so much food out there I was able to bring Gary dinner.

Guess I will go put the horses in. Night all!

PS - I spent a lot of time reading comments from around the world regarding September 11th.
It is nice to have many blogger friends who are full of compassion....sensitive and able to beautifully express thoughts about this sad day in history. My Journal has connected me to so many of you, that I respect for your integrity, humility, and interest in the human condition. Good people. An absolute pleasure getting to know you.


Grey Horse Matters said...

I'll bet it was fun to get on Abbe again. Your sky pictures are beautiful too.

christina said...

Lovely pictures here. The colour of teh sky is magnificant!!

Joe Todd said...

Great photos and I like Father Foozie

Pat said...

Gorgeous sunset! You are a very active, busy person...I admire you. I hope your political event goes well and that there is a good turnout.

rebecca said...

I love that first picture of yours. All of them are nice. I have a question and it may sound stupid but I know zero about horses: why do you put blinders on when you take him/her out? Is it so they don't get spooked by traffic? Don't know. Just curious.

Mary Olson said...

Beautiful shots of the sky.!

Frank said...

Your beach photos are so attractive. It looks like a fine place to just sit quietly and contemplate our world. Your bronze fireman's memorial really goes way beyond most towns and cities. Very special. I imagine it cost quite a lot. You can be very proud to have something this well designed.