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Saturday, September 5, 2009


We are on a roll in the weather department....

Gary helped with chores and then went out to Randy's to make dill pickles. They are just like those you would find in a New York Deli.

I put the dogs in the back yard and went back out to drag the rings. Hopefully the outdoor will be rototilled soon. All the water caused weeds to sprout.

At least the indoor turned out alright.

After lunch I went out to work Abbe.

Slowly but surely we are improving. I figured out a better way to clip on the poles, then drove her from the indoor to the outdoor (line driving). There she started to settle down and we had a relatively good experience.

I sponged off Abbe and then brought the Pony in for some attention. Her tail was filthy so I shampooed it and gave her a nice sponging as well.

Check out the corn Finn and Coop planted. It is over 10 feet tall. On Monday we are going to serve it at Coop's birthday dinner.

We still have some color going on in the gardens.

Can't remember the name of this....

Phoebe and Gucci went out with me late afternoon. No chore time as Trina is on duty tonight.

Made a salad and at 6:30 drove over to Christina's World for dinner and a movie.

Talk about color and gardens....

DJ was his perfectly behaved self.

I need to get some of these flowers going in our gardens...did you hear that Gary?

I caught a couple shots of the cats.... did not go out to see the horses.

Roger and Tina created a great meal.

I brought the salad.

Roger made the main course...sauted onions, peas, tortellini, lobster and a cream sauce.

Tina put together this peach dessert...

As for the movie part, we watched "A Dog Year" starring Jeff Bridges. Tina and I have been following the Bedlam Farm Journal for a couple of years and have communicated with best selling author Jon Katz. This film was based on one of his books.

Now we are home...the horses are in, and I'm pooped. Night all.

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allhorsestuff said...

Very nice day indeed...the arena looks great and glad you got the poles to configure and work better.
Pooches looked freshly clipped and fancy!