The Rebel


Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Well...the amount of rain we got was about nil. It was grey this morning and numerous flocks of geese were flying overhead.

Status quo in the barn.

The humidity really kicked in and the air was thick and buggy.

Back in the house and made another batch of sauce...I think that should do it. (Running out of space in the freezer). Also made a big batch of pickled beets.

My class arrived at 1:30 and we met out on the porch.

Connie has been going to workshops for several months and brought in some examples of her work. Above is her first pastel drawing.

A watercolor done on wrinkled rice paper.

This time she put Gesso on watercolor paper... let it dry and then did a painting on top.

Today she worked on a painting of a tree...still trying to fill up her book.

Joan continues to work on her colored pencil drawing.

Sandy is starting a new painting.

Speaking of painting. Gary worked on the Studio Barn today... can't wait until that red disappears. Here it is with a dark green door....isn't working....

He has almost finished priming the west side.

Here it is with a purple door. We are going with the "painted lady" look and it is only going to get wilder. Stay tuned. When the new windows are put in (small paned) it will change everything.
It will be called The Skoog Shop.

Started a yummy dinner, then went out to do chores. Once again I did not take any photos of the food. Marinated (Italian dressing, kikoman soy sauce, a shot of oj, honey mustard and peach jam) chicken breasts topped with sweet red peppers and onions....baked in a pie plate with another on top. Rosa marina, zucchini parm, and a mixed green salad with mango and crumbly blue.

The dogs joined me for evening chores, as they do every night.

Picked the pasture and was in by 5:30.

Watched a French movie with dinner..."The Chorus." Very good.

Tuning in to more dancing now. Night all.


photogchic said...

Don't even have to see pictures of sounds wonderful. Barn looks cool.

Anonymous said...

Your students are very talented. You must be a great teacher! How do you have time to make all that lovely food?
The movie "The Chorus", was that about a group of young boys in a choir out in the country during or just after the 2nd WW?

If that was it, it's a wonderful film.

Victoria Cummings said...

I love the Skoog Shop - I wish I had someplace like that. And that I lived closer so I could take one of your art classes. So, pickled beets? One of my favorites. How hard is it to make them?

Gayle said...

I like the purple door (and I'm assuming all the red is getting covered). Can't wait to see the finished Skoog Shop.

Frank said...

The Skoog Shop is looking terrific. Realy good. I keep thinking you'll pull a Tom Sawyer and enlist all of your gazillion friends to help finish it.)

Dr. Porter sent Gucci and Skoog Farm Journal a shout-out at Tampa Florida Photo this evening. (He just had to show off and commandeered my computer.)

Frank said...

Lori - visit

Sara said...

Love the Shop colors - and your students are really good. I've never been good at art - but, I do well with color in quilts.

Your dinner sounded delicious...

I'm going to keep reading - this is fun!