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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Grey, cool....quiet.

The guard dogs were on duty. Chores went quickly...did a few things around the house.

Chorus started today. Yey! I look forward to spending more time singing.

Mary Ellen picked out some great music....

Jean was in good form at the piano....

and we picked up where we left off in June. There is a piece called "Why We Sing" that is becoming our signature song...we have performed it in the past, and it sounded so rich today it had several of us in tears.

Jenny has been working a lot of extra hours, on the local primaries among other things. She took today off to recover and called to see if we wanted to meet her for lunch.

As if that was not enough, we also had dinner plans with the Cretneys and the Klines. We try to get together once a month at each others homes and go out to a nice place once a year.
WELL...tonight's nice place was in Charlotte, which is on the shores of Lake Ontario.

This terminal was built several years ago, when the City of Rochester attempted to get a Fast Ferry business going between here and Toronto. We took the trip once and it was sensational.
You could take your car or walk on (which is what we did). When we got there we walked out of the port and eventually took a cab up to the city where we had lunch and checked out as many things as possible. bombed after a short time. What to do with this building????

Brenda and Al drove us in, and we met Ann and Ron there.

The waves were very loud as they came crashing into the shore.

The Rochester Yacht Club is located across from the terminal.

There were sailboats all over the place, with races going on beyond the breakwall.

(Gary loved this place)

We had thought about sitting outside, but it was too cold and windy.

The name of this restaurant is Pier 45. If I had to rate it, I would give it 5 stars. Within a few minutes we were seated.

The decor was unique and comfortable...I felt like we were in Newport or on the Cape.

3 of us started out with squash soup...excellent. Then, we tried a variety of salads...the house
(with balsamic dressing), caesar, beet with goat cheese and other goodies. Nice crusty bread.

Chicken Jerky, Penne with chicken in a Marsala sauce,
pasta with sausage , beans and escarole....

The place oozed with atmosphere. Service and presentation were great.

A beautiful long bar....original art work everywhere. What more can I say. Home around 10. Let the dogs out and put the horses in. Callin' it a day. Night all.

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Mary Ellen said...

Gosh, I was WAY behind in reading the Skoog Farm news, and, wouldn't you know it, your music player was playing Danny's All Star Joint, which is my favorite Rickie Lee Jones song of all time, so I had to wait until it was over to be able to concentrate!

Loved the husky pictures from Sabine. Our dogs are really starting to get noisy in the mornings since it's so cool (today it was 40 when I got up) and they think it's time to get training.

I'm sure now, if I wasn't already, that you and I must be related somehow. I love all the music you love, I play Sequence (even tho I lose), I love animals and singing. When I was in Sweet Adelines, we did a version of Why We Sing that used to choke me up.

Hope you're having a FABULOUS day.